New roxanne Video… just for pleasure

Video Gift From Ruby13… Did you see the Superbowl?

Not everyone watches the Superbowl. Some folks just hang with their lady….

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Playing with Silicone dolls compilation (sex with doll) ADULT VIDEOS

YourDoll Body 148 – VIDEO

JenniferThe ass is actually bigger than Violas 😀
B-W-H: 82-56-88 are her dimensions. 28 kg. 148 cm tall. Continue reading

Most Realistic SEXX Dolls Ever – Dutch Wives

A Japanese firm alleges to have reached the next stage in creating the most-real looking sexx doll that comes whole with genuine looking eyes and realistic feeling skin.


Japanese Sex Doll Industry Reaches New Levels

The Japanese sex doll industry is reaching new levels with the release of a new line of dolls, which claims to be more genuine than ever. The dolls, which are made of rubber and silicon, were described in a video as having realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes and hair. We look at video of the synthetic partners, in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.


Maidlee Doll sexy models Vids…

DSCF9855Some great new videos from Maidlee Doll about there best model Maid-Fong Continue reading