Introducing Doll Sweet 168 in brown skin tone

ds168-b-l-00157-dsdolleuropeDoll Sweets with brown skin tone seem to be extremely rare, at least there are almost no pictures available.

After running across this body details comparison the vendor DS DOLL Europe got curious and ordered one.

Three weeks later she arrived, and here she is:

Proudly presenting Doll Sweet 168 in brown skin tone(front), and in the background, a Doll Sweet 168 in pink skin tone: Continue reading

Third new post about the new 100cm TPE Atomic Bomb… Riley


I 100cm TPE Riley Wm dolls (TC1133)

I could not resist to show you a new gallery of the biggest boobs mini love doll: Riley.

This beauty is soon available on the WM Dolls and IAM Doll shops ($1400), and i think it will be a best seller in the little world of little TPE Doll!

After the second unbelievable gallery and her first overview, this gallery presents the Anime Face (i don’t know if this is an oral face, but i will ask). It’s not my prefered face, but i could understand that it will be so exciting for anothers.

have fun!

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Some new pics about Riley, The new WM Dolls so sexy little doll… i’m in love!

IMG1I wrote another post about Riley (New 100cm Riley TPE Doll). Before her, i didn’t like the little doll, ’cause i got the impression that it was about child. And it’s impossible for me (and many others) to imagine sexual part with this type of object…

But this Riley got BIG BOOBS!… and in this case, you forgot her weight and think only what you could do with!

Wm Dolls offers the choice between two heads: Two heads for this doll. New system for attaching head means you can leave the screw in place on body and swap heads with a click. 125 cm heads and others will fit, but those heads are larger and will not look as good. You can get cute anime eyes for the head.


Lovely Face


Anime Face


Enough talk, let ‘ s view…  Continue reading