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Tag: wm dolls

WM DOLLS 136cm body with #107 head

This is the new D-Cup 53.5″body from WM Dolls. You could see this beautiful body naked on pics below. This model is really closed to the 138cm E-Cup from Or Doll […]

Wm Dolls 156cm with #20 head photo .

The new body WM DOLLS 156cm with head #20 with her beautiful blond wig and deep blue eyes is really fantastic. This small breast body has already been shown with another head, […]

New WM Dolls #98 Head

It’s been a long time since WM Dolls has produced a new head. Today, you could see a new photos gallery with 153cm small breast body and this #98 new head. For me this […]

New WM DOLLS 156cm body

Wm Dolls produces now a new 5’11 (156cm) small breast body. This body is close to the old 158m one. You could see some nude pics and others with asian #85 head. […]

Nava with white high heels…

Nava the beautiful american african love doll from Wm Dolls continue to show us her sexy body. And today, you could see her with white high heels platform. Love heels, […]

New Vid of WM Dolls 168cm Africa girl

Wm Dolls had unveiled a black american african doll with many pics: New series of Nava, 168cm WM Dolls or New series of pics of Nava, the African-American baby doll from WM DOLLS. […]

New series of Nava, 168cm WM Dolls

This beautiful small breast body is full of details. You can see by example from the photo of the back the details of the spine, or his belly with exposed ribs […]