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4 news vids from YourDoll

YL Dolls released 4 new vids about their successes dolls: the 135cm, 148cm and the 155cm big butt. I really like the first promotional vid, because we can clearly see […]

Tips for your silicone doll from DS Doll

DS Doll (Exdoll in chinese brand) released three new vids to help us cleaning our silicone dolls, adjust the head, wigs and the eyes. The first vid is about cleaning silicone doll […]

1st-pc’s New Platinum Silicone

Great news from one of the oldest doll’s companies in the USA. The quality of 1st PC dolls has sometimes been challenged. But now, they announced a new direction with the […]

Great vids from SANHUI

Sanhui developed a new 92cm with big boobs, light weight and Japanese animated face. Two days ago, they released two new vids with more details about this doll. In this vids, […]

New vid from Mechadoll USA

Mechadoll has had some problems in the past, but now everything seems to be back to normal. And for some time, they presented some new platinum silicone technologies: We opted for […]

Doll House 168 factory interview

DollHouse168 is not the most known factory. But they have a great models series that i love: D.H168 Exclusive. They also sell some WM Dolls or OR Doll models. And in this […]

New vid 18on Hot scenes of sex dolls

I don’t know this seller, but their vids are sexy! If you like sexy scenes with dolls movie, you can have a good time. if Someone recognize the model of […]

Smart and heat doll from Z-OneDoll

This vid is not recent, but i like to see the technology currently develop on our sex doll. See the video below of the touching technology for silicone doll of […]

Big Review of The New 132cm 6YE

The New 132cm 6YE (Six Wild) Sex Doll – EXCLUSIVE First Uncensored Review, Unboxing and Overview from XS Doll You could see all details in this 20minute vid. It’s a […]