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Torso with closed eyes

I showed you the new WM Dolls torso on: WM Dolls Torso, new pics series. In this previous series, you could see the #127 head and three different wigs. In this new […]

WM Dolls Torso, new pics series

Wm Doll Torso is not new, but really interesting, and I wanted to show it to you with that face. I already wrote a post: The lightweight and sexy solution? And this […]

The lightweight and sexy solution?

WM DOLLS produce a new torso with details and nice shape (see previous post: New Wm Dolls Torso with arms). This new pics series with the #33 head can show […]

New Wm Dolls Torso with arms

Lightweight, reliable, with realism and flexibility, the WM DOLLS torso with arms meets the needs of people demanding comfort, little foot print for their “sex-love toys” and sensitive as close as […]

Ruby13 Factory 2nds

I’m a Ruby13 Products Absolute Fan! For my pleasure, Brash, the Ruby13 Boss, decided to promote a new section of its website called: “Ruby13 Factory 2nds” The Ruby13 dolls are among the best […]

New gallery of my Rose…

Did you see the previous galleries of My Rose?… Rose loves pink and her first one , when she decided to tease me up… For this new gallery, Rose got more experiences […]

My Rose… first gallery

I received my doll, there a month now, and I have not had the time or the tranquility of a small review to you about it! So I started this presentation […]

WM Dolls new Torso

After the double presentation of Or Doll H-Cup and J-Cup Torsos, we will see at the end of Year a new torso from Wm Dolls. i think it’s a great […]

OR Doll future new torso!

Seen on TDF : “Even she is still a mould, the smoky hot is perfect word for her. This is our new torso doll model: curvy body shape, H-cup bust, […]