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Tag: TDF

Great tip from Jim – Ruby13

I just wanted to show off something. When you’re taking pics with your Ruby there’s an option you should be aware of. Ruby has a bendable backbone that allows her […]

All 2014 CoverDolls appear in “A Year Of CoverDoll”

Credits: Deerman for this great compilation  The 2014 CoverDolls (owner, doll, brand): Jan: Fred01, Yurica (4Woods) Feb: SuperSoul, Danielle (RealDoll) Mar: brigittes hubbie, Brigitte (DreamDoll) Apr: Rocky, Stacey (RealDoll) May: RocketMan, Mathilde (RealDoll) Jun: Spedfish, Tamara (PIB) Jul: Alottahope, Grace (PIB) Aug: Netwit, Jenna (Ruby13) Sep: Everhard, Vavara (Anatomical […]

New Ruby13 head soon…

Pick in TDF from Ruby13 Manufacturer (@Brash) : “we are about get a new sculpt for a more realistic face soon. stay tuned. our heads and neck posts are made […]