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Could you help to find the brand of the doll on the right? so sexy boobies

Really loving Bath… with real dolls 

Stacy Leigh

Stacy Leigh

Stacy Leigh photography

teengum: thestacyleigh: boobs galore. Very arty Stacy !!!

thestacyleigh: Creem Magazine issue 9, Doll House  @creemmag #creemmag #stacyleigh

Bimbo Fantasy Dolls

Bimbo Fantasy Dolls – At first glance, this series of images looks like some portraits of heavily made up, pretty girls, if a little and plastic looking. Well, t… Bimbo […]

Real Doll photography Stacy Leigh

thestacyleigh: Realdoll Boops.

thestacyleigh: The newest life size love doll from Realdoll, has the new “jiggly ass” feature… #OMG

thestacyleigh: 16” fashion dolls are fun to photograph… especially one that I customized right down to the pubic hair. Yep, I’m fucked in the head. Deal. Tonner Carol Barrie head […]

thestacyleigh: BoyToy doll, Star… sprawled out like the sexy little doll she is.

Interview: Stacy Leigh [NSFW] – ACCLAIM

Doll collections are nothing new, but Stacy Leigh’s definitely flips the script on the Barbie dream house cliché. Since discovering life size sex dolls a few years back, the New […]