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Tag: small breast

Tall Skinny Zoe Story

ZOE is a new CLM (CM or Climax) Doll. She’s very tall with her 5ft 9in (175cm) with small breast and flat chest. For me it’s the tallest doll i’ve […]

146cm Curvy Brandy is here!

I presented you Brandy, a new exclusive 146cm Curvy Real Love Doll from PassionDolls: NEW EXCLUSIVE Passion Doll: Brandy – 146cm cutie coming soon! Brandy is a 146cm love doll with a […]

Beautiful Asian Blond…

This new series of the 5′ (153cm) with #85 head is a lovely artistic gallery. If not, click to see this previous one with same naked body and head: WM Dolls 153cm with […]

New DH 168 body 150cm is coming

This is the new body coming from Doll House 168. This new 59 inches TPE model,  B/C cup, just a little higher than previous 57.5″ body, should have at least  these […]

WM DOLLS 156cm with #53 head pics

Some new pics of the WM DOLLS 5’1 (156cm) with the lovely #53 face and sexy tongue… This new small breast body is perfect with this new head. I showed […]

WM Dolls 153cm with #85 head

This doll is not new… at all. I wrote my first post about her on 2015. But this baby has some success and WM Dolls created some new faces for […]

WM DOLLS 156cm with #134 head

Some new naked pics of the 156cm WM Dolls small breast with #134 head, blond wig and blue eyes. After the “Angel and Devil” series and my favorite gallery with #88 […]

New WM Dolls 158cm Fat girl

All fans of fat dolls will be happy with this all new WM 158cm Fat girl with #93 head. you have been a lot of fans to demand a new, more voluptuous body. […]

New Or Doll 156cm B-cup pictures

This the new 156cm B-Cup, the last variation of this great body (D-Cup, E-Cup, F-Cup, G-Cup and H-Cup) You could see on the gallery below some examples with different OR […]

New WM DOLLS 156cm body

Wm Dolls produces now a new 5’11 (156cm) small breast body. This body is close to the old 158m one. You could see some nude pics and others with asian #85 head. […]