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Tag: Silicone

New Z Onedoll 151cm I cup

This is a new Z-OneDoll model, and so, this is a silicone one! She’s beautiful and so sexy in this new pics series. She has big boobs, tight waist and […]

Two dolls for a threesome ($1,300 OFF)

This is the first offer with  two dolls: The  threesome package! In the package, you can have two silicone dolls from Z-OneDoll: 160 cm (dark hair)  and 162 cm (blonde […]

The 3’6 ft Z-OneDoll Small or Big Breast?

Z-OneDoll released two new small models (3’6″) with small and medium tits… and new head #38. These new silicone sex dolls are fully articulated with a reasonable price: $1,200 Heat and […]

New head #35 from Z-Onedoll (videos)

Cool great news from Z-OneDoll with this news: #35 head for the 4’7″ (145cm) body. I introduced you this body on the previous post: New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face The […]

Z-OneDoll 170cm new vids

Mike Lee uploaded 3 new vids of the Z-OneDoll 5’7” (170cm) silicone doll on his YoutUbe Channel. You can them below in this post. Would you like to have an […]

4 New vids of Z-OneDoll Silicone Dolls

Z-OneDoll Silicone dolls are one of most famous dolls in the world. You could have a great prices with high quality silicone. This vids presented the Silicone Dolls family: 145cm, […]

New vid from Mechadoll USA

Mechadoll has had some problems in the past, but now everything seems to be back to normal. And for some time, they presented some new platinum silicone technologies: We opted for […]

New 165cm silicone girl from Sanhui

Sanhui Toys Model is a Chinese manufacturer that mainly produces small dolls silicone models. The best known are the 65cm and 100cm. Today BeautifulDoll inform us that Sanhui has released […]

New 160cm silicone doll From Hitdoll

This doll comes in 2 kinds:Silicone and Silicone Intelligent Z-onedoll silicone intelligent doll:with temperature and sound(6 kinds different voices) Bust*waist*hip: 90*63*88(cm); Shoulder Width:40cm; Arms:65cm; Legs:77cm; Feet:20cm; Weight:31kg

New 170cm hot Hitdoll

It is made of silicone with skeleton construction. 170cm and 40kg.. . She is a big model! Built in or insert for your choice! Specification: Bust*waist*hip:108*79*106; Should width:46cm; Arms:79cm; Legs:81cm; […]

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