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Tag: silicone doll

Z-Onedoll 111cm is ready for order!

Z-OneDoll created a new mini silicone Doll. You could see Two galleries with Candy and Angela Heads on their website. This body exists with two specifications: big and normal breasts […]

Three Z-Onedoll Silicone dolls Offers

My excellent partner SexyRealSexDolls make new offers on two silicone bodies with head from Z-OneDoll: 120 cm New Z-Onedoll Head #30 Silicone Sex Doll starting at $1,300 150 cm Premium Silicone Sex […]

New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face

The new Z-onedoll 145cm model is a silicone doll with extra options, human size and light weight. The 145cm model specifications: Bust*band*waist*hip(cm): 75*58*53*72; Shoulder(cm): 34cm; Arms: 61cm Legs: 69cm Feet: […]

New #27 head from Z-OneDoll

After the #26 (or A26) head, Z-OneDoll offers the all new #27 face (logical!). This new chinese face is made for the 120cm silicone body I’m not fan of this […]

Great all new vids from Z-OneDoll

Z-OneDoll uploads some new vids about silicone models: 140cm, 160cm and 162cm. You can see on vids some of beautiful models from Z-OneDoll, like the 140cm on the beach with […]

New BT5 Hybrid – Sai Config 2 (Photos)

RealDoll announced a new Say Configuration in their Hybrid Dolls series. Realdoll give us some good arguments with their hybride solution: a mix between RD2, Wicked Dolls and BoyToy dolls.

Tips for your silicone doll from DS Doll

DS Doll (Exdoll in chinese brand) released three new vids to help us cleaning our silicone dolls, adjust the head, wigs and the eyes. The first vid is about cleaning silicone doll […]

1st-pc’s New Platinum Silicone

Great news from one of the oldest doll’s companies in the USA. The quality of 1st PC dolls has sometimes been challenged. But now, they announced a new direction with the […]

The new 120cm silicone doll from Z-Onedoll

This new silicone doll is very interesting, because she composed the lightweight, beautiful big breasts, new type of Platinum Silicone (see vids below), and the last but not least a […]