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I’m in love with a sex doll….

“In the ’90s, the sculptor Matt McMullen designed a mannequin to give clothing stores something more flexible and attractive than your typical, standard model. Soon after, he got a strange, little […]

Bionic steve absolutely gorgeous violet monroe

bionicsteve: Absolutely gorgeous Violet Monroe in a pink frilly thing purchased from the Uptown Venus Unveiled. As usual, my Alien Bees Ring Light — — allowed me to turn […]

thestacyleigh: doll ass

japanese sex doll making (Source:

Bionic from Greg Williams PLUS 2 years ago NOT YET RATED The story of a sex doll (Zahia) who exercises her own free will.Director/DP Greg WilliamsSee more at zahia.comA bit of fun shot on the […]

Gluco “Sex Doll” (Source: