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Ruby13 Factory 2nds

I’m a Ruby13 Products Absolute Fan! For my pleasure, Brash, the Ruby13 Boss, decided to promote a new section of its website called: “Ruby13 Factory 2nds” The Ruby13 dolls are among the best […]

Black Friday Offers!

Some best doll Sellers offers some excellent Black Firday Offers… the list! If you know some others, please let me know! BoyToy / RealDoll We wanted to let everyone on […]

New photos of Face #14 from Ruby 13

We have some news about the new #14 face of Ruby 13. The great Jim give us some new photos. He explained: So I’ve finally done the first photoshoot (although […]

New video from Ruby13

I made this video of a friend of mine lifting a Presley doll. My friend is 5’4″ and about 105 lbs. She’s little. So is Presley, at 46lbs. So here’s […]

Ruby Boobs go Foreign

Now that I’ve managed to lower the price of production it’s possible to get a Ruby13 platinum silicone boob pillow in foreign countries like Japan and Sweden for the same […]

Great tip from Jim – Ruby13

I just wanted to show off something. When you’re taking pics with your Ruby there’s an option you should be aware of. Ruby has a bendable backbone that allows her […]

One new pic of new Ruby13 Face #14

Brash from Ruby13 explains after the announcement of this new face #14 with one pic: Here’s 3 Looks at upcoming face #14 for Ruby13. She is seen here with the “Ruby” […]

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