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Tag: Realdoll

Abyss ReallDoll On Instagram

Abyss ReallDoll has opened an account on Instagram. After they created the Facebook page, they decided to continue there maketing operations with this new Social Network Account. And they uploaded […]

The AVN Show 2015

Official links: Novelty Expo:

RealDoll, new face named Olivia!

The info came from Stacey Leigh on TDF :   Some pics The blog of Stacey:

New RD2 Head “Natalie” from Abyss Creation

  New RD2 Configuration Specs Body: Body D Face: N (Natalie) – Full Head Style Skin Tone: Fair Nails: French Nipples: Custom “Perky 3 – Pink” << New Style Eyes: Light Blue Makeup: Medium Black, Natural Eye […]