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New pics and new prices for 2017

JM DOLL announced on TDF: Hi, hope that everyone will be a better life in the new year, we have published some new photos, hope that everyone can buy the […]

WM Dolls Curvy is back

We are all waiting for a video of this model, but for now, nothing has been broadcast. I have searched everywhere, but in vain…. But this new pics series of […]

New WM Dolls 165cm with #47 head photo

This #47 head is so sexy. I love this face with these beautiful green eyes. The body is the 165cm (5’5”)  D-Cup that i already showed you with the #56 head […]

Nava with white high heels…

Nava the beautiful american african love doll from Wm Dolls continue to show us her sexy body. And today, you could see her with white high heels platform. Love heels, […]

New 165cm K-Cup pics from CowboyBebop

@CowboyBebop is a great owner of the WM Dolls 165cm K-cup doll with long nipples : Angel. The breasts are EXTREMELY soft, they behave just like real boobs, even the […]

New series of Nava, 168cm WM Dolls

This beautiful small breast body is full of details. You can see by example from the photo of the back the details of the spine, or his belly with exposed ribs […]