News From DollHouse 168 and Christie

DollHouse 168 brings some changes (Nail color, Vagina, Wig and Skin tone) and innovations to its range of dolls and presents us these new series 135cm – 4ft4, 145cm – 4ft75 and 155cm – 5ft1 for 2019.

After 6 months of meticulous preparation, we’re thrilled to present you the new DollHouse168 2019 series.

The idea of creating this new series originated from the feedback we got from our loyal customers, they were really into our previous Japanese style, requested us to design some more animated dolls, this will also become the main theme of our future design.

Some faces offered for the smaller dolls are not legal, so you won’t see them here. On the other hand, you will see the new Christie, a magnificent 155cm 5ft1 F Cup C Cup with the #65 head.

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New muscle doll for Passion Doll – First pics


I don’t know the measurement but I know the ass is going to be 120cm+ (that’s the largest yet). The height is 160cm. Not sure about the other info yet.

Bust I’m guessing 92-105cm.

Finally The bxwxh would be approx :102 x 61 x 122 cm

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News and Request from XS DOLLS: Take an active part in the process!


xsdolls   xsdolls

George is responsible of the XS DOLLS. He had an excellent idea i would share with you.

Started as a dolls dealer, he now decided to create his own dolls series. But like many others, he want to co-build it.

so I am nearing a moment where I am probably going to start manufacturing our own dolls. Before showing you what we did however (3D prototypes), I wanted to hear your opinion first. Lets keep this thread only about the visual appearance such as the body shape and the face.

My original plan was to release 3 different bodies at once, but I later decided to do it one by one. So what should the first body look like? Do you want a 170 amazonian like body with small breasts and a rounder butt, an anorexic 135, or a big butt with DD cups? Please keep in mind that almost anything in terms of bodies has been done already, I am not going to do a copy of an existing doll.

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Ruby13 Factory 2nds

I’m a Ruby13 Products Absolute Fan!

For my pleasure, Brash, the Ruby13 Boss, decided to promote a new section of its website called: “Ruby13 Factory 2nds

Ruby13 Factory 2nds

The Ruby13 dolls are among the best in the world silicone dolls, but prices are not affordable for all of us.

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New 170cm hot Hitdoll

_MG_6037It is made of silicone with skeleton construction. 170cm and 40kg.. . She is a big model!
Built in or insert for your choice!


Bust*waist*hip:108*79*106; Should width:46cm;

Arms:79cm; Legs:81cm; Feet:23cm; Weight:40kg.

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New JM 110cm doll, a beautiful doll.

3This is a new JM 110cm doll, a beautiful doll.
She doesn’t have a name yet. Anyone?
Here is inof of her.
Height:110cm (43″)
Weight: 15kg (33lbs)
Breasts: 55cm (21.65″)
Waist: 37cm (14.57″)
Hips: 63cm (24.8″)

She is now for sale! Feel free to pm or email us,
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Inside the workshop where £4,000 silicone sex dolls are moulded… from MAILOnline

A good paper about the french sex doll factory: DreamDoll

Inside the workshop where £4,000 silicone sex dolls are moulded, painted and dressed to fulfil men’s every fantasy… but the makers say people collect them as art

  • Dreamdoll, in Duppigheim, France makes custom-made ‘love dolls’
  • Mannequins weigh 40kg, are just over 5ft tall and are anatomically correct
  • Silicone ‘flesh’ is stain-proof and non-stick and poured into a mould
  • Three employees take a week to make one bespoke model 

The link:

and i found the same post on “A little peek in a Sex Doll Factory

A little peek in a Sex Doll Factory