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Tag: Japan

Ruby Boobs go Foreign

Now that I’ve managed to lower the price of production it’s possible to get a Ruby13 platinum silicone boob pillow in foreign countries like Japan and Sweden for the same […]

Robot idol Minami entertains shoppers in Osaka (Source:

japanese sex doll making (Source:

DCUP – Don’t Be Shy (feat. Mereki) (Source:

Two Sexy Love Doll Nurses…  (Source:

thestacyleigh: Standing sex doll from Japan, by the phenomenal artists at 4Woods. I think I’ll name her Suki Neko.

thestacyleigh: New love doll from Japan made by the incomparable 4Woods… This doll can stand if properly supported/balanced. And only in flats, so she’s into street wear. But what is […]

Sex doll factory

Ningbo Yamei produced and sold more than 50,000 sex dolls last year, exporting them to countries like Japan, Korea and Turkey. Sex doll factory

Lilika Love Doll 4 woods real doll (Source: