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Tag: huge breast

Lilian is naked

I showed you the new Or Doll 5’3″ (162cm) with HUUUUGE tits… H Cup on: New Huge Tits Lilian from Or Doll Today this is a new pics series with same head. […]

YL 150cm with #163 head

You know she’s one of my fav dolls: the YL 150cm Huge BOOBS. This is not my favorite head, even if i like the wig. But this is another really sexy […]

Cheyenne, the Indian girl

Cheyenne is ready for the adventure. She’s an American Indian from the “Huge BOOBS” tribe. She loves American Country… She especially likes to show her big breasts and feel very desirable. […]

170 cm M Cup Wm Dolls, time is over.

When will you buy her?… This is THE only question i ask me when i saw this series…. OMG, you’re maddening my LOVE…. For those who don’t know this model, this […]

Sunny is my ray of sunshine

Sunny is hot. Sunny is sexy. Sunny is an Huge boobs YL 150 with “Rachael” head. Sunny loves her huge boobs and me… too! See her taking some good positions.

Huge and Tall blondie

Do you know the Waouh Effect? Now Yes!… When i received these pics, I had trouble resuming my breath, my hands trembling, I could not write a word for this post […]

Super Huge Tits and Ass Doll LeAnne new pics

You know that has created the new Mega boobs doll. @Roadside28 offered you a fantastic review: Roadside28 ‘s Monster Review of HUGE boobs LeAnne In this post, i decided to gather […]

Jynx loves rock

Jynx is a YL DOLL 150 and she’s very naughty. She has one of the largest boobs among all the sex dolls. Her sexy K-cup tempts all the men who are into […]

Dolly Dearest New Pics

Many of you have asked me about Dolly Dearest and Tootsie ‘s dolls. These two dolls are YLDOLL 150 with some loving HUUUUGE boobs. Dolly Dearest is great guy and […]

New 170cm M cup… Yes, it’s correct!

This is the second pics series of this new 5ft7 WM DOLL Best seller. You want her.. i know, and i’m like you. Just for remember you her crazy specs: B-W-H:102cm/ 40.16in […]