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Tag: curvy

New curvy baby’s sexy pics series

You know that the 152cm/4ft9 is one of my favorite dolls. She’s sexy, she’s naughty with her big boobs and crazy butt… (even if i prefer the YLDoll 160 butt) […]

Sophie, The Curvy Doll of Alabina21

Alabina21 is a TDF Senior Member. He bought the new 152cm Curvy Body from WM Dolls and write a excellent review on TDF. I could not resist to retranscribe it […]

#1 Video of the so sexy curvy body

I know that you love this body (#3 in the RDA Awards 2016). I showed you many pics of this fantastic big boobs model like The Art of Sex… doll or Curvy Body […]

New series of the naughty curvy body

Do you like boobs? Big boobs? and Butt? BIG butt? This new model from WM DOLLS is definitely my favorite body: a little height 4’9″ (152cm),  lightweight 81.5lb (37 kg), […]

Roundness and decadence…

I think this curvy body is currently one of the best WM DOLLS seller. And with this naughty head… OMG! The gallery below of the WM Dolls 152cm with this […]

WM Dolls Curvy is back

We are all waiting for a video of this model, but for now, nothing has been broadcast. I have searched everywhere, but in vain…. But this new pics series of […]

Wm Dolls Curvy Body with #58 head

This new 4’9″ (152cm) Curvy body is undoubtedly one of the sexiest of the moment. This new pics series is a MUST SEE for me. Big Boobs, big butt, High heels […]

New WM Dolls Curvy body

After the new 5’3″ (160cm), and the Fat 158cm , WM DOLLS released new curvy body measuring 4’9″ (152cm). This beautiful new TPE body with large breasts and big butt […]

New head plus more pictures of CC body

4Woods presented us the new curvy body: the CC Body few month ago. I loved this “big busty” body, even if i think they could put bigger breast on her. 4Woods […]