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Tag: big butt

Big boobs and bouncy butt

The 4 “B”: “Big Boobs and Bouncy Butt” Did you see the vid of this doll? (Huge boobs MILF is ready for her first vid! ) The WM 170cm M cup […]

When i was an hippie…

I have a big butt!…. Prepare you to see one of the best naughty MILF gallery. This is the story of a sexy Forty who did not want to age… […]

Meeting Valerie

Andy HSU is the happy owner of two CLM 160: Maddie and Jenny. He decided to write some great novels. Here is the first series called “Meeting Valerie“. Jenny called me […]

OMG, this is my fantasy

Big boobs, sexy white lingerie, high heels, Secretary’s sunglasses, red lips, french manicure…. This is my fantasy!… For me this series is the best i’ve ever seen for long time. Quality […]

Huge and Tall blondie

Do you know the Waouh Effect? Now Yes!… When i received these pics, I had trouble resuming my breath, my hands trembling, I could not write a word for this post […]

YL Doll 160 with Kassandra head

This is the all new pics series of the YLDoll 160 with Kassandra head. This best seller is one of my favorite dolls with her big boobs and huge butt. […]

Kassandra has a big BUTTT

Kassandra is an YLDoll 160cm. This excellent body has big boobs, but not only… Kassandra loves to show her BIIIIG butt. And we love that! I’m waiting a new video of […]

Sophie, The Curvy Doll of Alabina21

Alabina21 is a TDF Senior Member. He bought the new 152cm Curvy Body from WM Dolls and write a excellent review on TDF. I could not resist to retranscribe it […]

Do you know Leslie?

Leslie is a beautiful women. She likes cooking on her kitchen, but not only… Her green eyes, her nice big butt, and her HUUUGE boobs are so exciting and she knows […]

#1 Video of the so sexy curvy body

I know that you love this body (#3 in the RDA Awards 2016). I showed you many pics of this fantastic big boobs model like The Art of Sex… doll or Curvy Body […]

Evangelina, a 163cm new blond MILF

TADA, I present you  the new Exclusive Doll From Evangelina. I told you about the excellent big busty body 163cm from PD, this is new head for this best […]

What an ass for Big Butt lovers

For big BUTT lovers, this 5ft2 from WM DOllS is probably the best one. The shape of her ass is real, sexy and… athletic!… This is the fourth series with […]

The Art of Sex… doll

I want this curvy doll, Santa Claus! For me, this is the best doll ever with this #142 face. This new pics series is fantastic and even artistic. You’ll see […]

Big ass sex doll loves sport…

Are your ready to follow your new coach? I presented you my favorite sport coach in Sexy Sports coach with BIG butt She was blond with the #93 head and same body, […]