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Tag: Big boobs

JY Doll 153cm body

This is the new JY Doll 153cm with big boobs. In this post, you can see some new pics and one vid. For this height, the weight seems to be […]

YL Dolls 150cm Big breast video

This is the first vid i found of the YL Doll 150cm Big boobs. This one was made by XS Doll and It’s a VERRRRRYYYYY long video: 17 minutes! XS […]

New Huge Tits Lilian from Or Doll

You know that i love big boobs. And OR Doll did a great model for me… the new 5’3″ (162cm) with HUUUUGE tits… H Cup! Her nickname is Lilian. This […]

Red-haired wig and SM neck collar

Another new pics series of the WM 170cm M cup with #47 head. The first with same head and body i showed you was WM 170cm M cup with #47 head photo. She […]

Big boobs and bouncy butt

The 4 “B”: “Big Boobs and Bouncy Butt” Did you see the vid of this doll? (Huge boobs MILF is ready for her first vid! ) The WM 170cm M cup […]

WM 170cm M cup with #47 head photo

This new #47 head is a great success. I will post this last with different bodies. For this time, you can appreciate the beautiful M Cup 170cm (5’6) Body with brown wig […]

Hide by a pillow

Is she so shy? Do you think you can see her breasts?… Yes you can 😉 And it would be a shame if not! The WM Dolls 170cm M Cup with #149 […]

New Z Onedoll 151cm I cup

This is a new Z-OneDoll model, and so, this is a silicone one! She’s beautiful and so sexy in this new pics series. She has big boobs, tight waist and […]

WM 170cm M Cup with #152 head photo

What an incredible sexy series… After the “Hippie” series, this is probably one of the best i’ve ever seen… I love her sexy large creole earrings, her huge boobs and little tee shirt.

When i was an hippie…

I have a big butt!…. Prepare you to see one of the best naughty MILF gallery. This is the story of a sexy Forty who did not want to age… […]

Curvy Front and Bouncy Back

Are you convinced? The WM 170cm H cup doll is a best seller, it’s clear… and this head too! I already showed you the #122 head with long black hair (and […]

Sunny is my ray of sunshine

Sunny is hot. Sunny is sexy. Sunny is an Huge boobs YL 150 with “Rachael” head. Sunny loves her huge boobs and me… too! See her taking some good positions.

Super Huge Tits and Ass Doll LeAnne new pics

You know that has created the new Mega boobs doll. @Roadside28 offered you a fantastic review: Roadside28 ‘s Monster Review of HUGE boobs LeAnne In this post, i decided to gather […]