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Tag: #85

Video of Asian Doll In Lingerie

I love lingerie. I much prefer that to a naked woman. This young Asian girl, a WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C cup, understood that she was more attractive, even irresistible, […]

WM Dolls 161cm with #85 head

The WM Dolls 161cm/5ft3 D Cup, here with the #85 head, is not new, but it’s one of the most beautiful model from WM. This natural shape body (91cm – […]

NEW WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4

I want to introduce you the NEW WM Dolls 166cm/5ft4 B Cup This is the first pics gallery with the #85 head. This small breast body is lightweight and with […]

Huge boobs Torso naked

New pics of the huge boobs WM Dolls L cup new torso doll with #85 head. She already w She has already wore a swimsuit, on the last two posts, […]

Sexy asian small boobs lady

This is the WM DOlls 145cm/4ft9 C Cup already shown on: Just an overalls to unveil her little chest. This time, you can see her with asian head #85. This […]

Asian Fashionista

The WM Dolls 165cm/5ft5 with #85 Asian face  is a sexy young fashionista. She loves to pose in simple outfits with several accessories. This is a tall doll but the weight […]

New WM Dolls Skeleton

The WM Dolls 163cm/5ft4 with #85 head (shoulder can move) . With the photoshoot below, you can see these doll’s shoulders can move. They can move up and down, front and […]

Asian Doll body type

The 153cm (5′) doll body is a good height. Remember the wonderful 153cm from JY Doll with her big rounded boobs: JY Doll 153cm body This small boobs body from WM […]

Alone in a temple

She’s a Princess in the Empire of the Rising Sun. She’s always alone on her Temple. And she’s waiting…. Discover the new pics series of the WM Doll 168cm E […]

Beautiful Asian Blond…

This new series of the 5′ (153cm) with #85 head is a lovely artistic gallery. If not, click to see this previous one with same naked body and head: WM Dolls 153cm with […]

WM Dolls 153cm with #85 head

This doll is not new… at all. I wrote my first post about her on 2015. But this baby has some success and WM Dolls created some new faces for […]

156cm with #85 head photo… naked

I received some new pics of 156cm body with #85 head. I already wrote a post about this body with this head, but today you could see this body all […]