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Tag: #33

Beautiful Natural Blonde

I met this beautiful blonde at a party at a friend’s house. She had simply come in a beautiful red dress, with little heels. But I immediately felt that she […]


Devon is an artist. She likes to expose herself because she knows she’s very beautiful. She always wears high quality lingerie and knows how to choose the colours that will […]

WM Dolls 165cm with #33 head

This WM Dolls 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with #33 head offered me a new photo session in her bed… The sun was starting to rise and the atmosphere was warming up. […]

WM Dolls Huge boobs Torso loves bikini

I agree with you… For those like me who live in the northern hemisphere, it’s still a little early for the bikini. The atmosphere and the desires are rather turned […]

WM Dolls 145cm C cup new body

I present you the new WM Dolls 145cm/4ft9 C cup body, here with #33 head. Specifications of the new small breasts body: Bust: 72cm – 28in Waist: 51cm – 20in […]

Keep covered, use condoms

This doll wants you to protect yourself. But she’s ready for fun! Many of you use condoms to protect themselves and their beautie. This also prevents them from cleaning, not […]

The girl with Blue Eyes

Some new pics about the WM 5’0 (153cm) with #33 head and mystic blue eyes. Her blue eyes will hypnotize you. Sweet and laconic, she will take you into a new world, made […]

Once upon a time in the East

She just was twenty. She was so beautiful. We could see all her fidelity and loyalty in her eyes. She was ready. Her man had gone. But on his return, she […]

Do you need a French Maid?

Do you need a French Maid? This WM 165cm doll with #33 head is ready to apply for this job and more… She is very experienced. She knows what you need. […]

The lightweight and sexy solution?

WM DOLLS produce a new torso with details and nice shape (see previous post: New Wm Dolls Torso with arms). This new pics series with the #33 head can show […]