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Tag: 170cm

Sexy Elf lost in the deep forest

Long ago, at the end of the forest, there was a strange and frightening creature. The legend was so tense and widespread that no human being dared go there. No […]

Bimbo Blond MILF loves pink

Yes she’s a bimbo. She loves that. She’s naughty. But what she prefers is pink.  Her lipstick, her necklace, and of course her lingerie … And you, you like that? The […]

Just after the sport session

She is in the bathroom, but I’m not sure she wants to take a shower alone. She is hot. She has just done her daily sports session. She went into […]

Red-haired wig and SM neck collar

Another new pics series of the WM 170cm M cup with #47 head. The first with same head and body i showed you was WM 170cm M cup with #47 head photo. She […]

Big boobs and bouncy butt

The 4 “B”: “Big Boobs and Bouncy Butt” Did you see the vid of this doll? (Huge boobs MILF is ready for her first vid! ) The WM 170cm M cup […]

Encounter with sexy hitchhiker

I was on the road. I went home quietly, when I saw her. She was alone with her thumb raised, a cut off denim short and her tank top. I stopped. […]

My new sexy coach is a milf

This is one of my best big boobs dolls. I love this sexy head with her glasses… what a MILF! Just remind you: Weight: 90.3 lbs / 41kg Measurements: Bust […]

WM 170cm M cup with #47 head photo

This new #47 head is a great success. I will post this last with different bodies. For this time, you can appreciate the beautiful M Cup 170cm (5’6) Body with brown wig […]

Hide by a pillow

Is she so shy? Do you think you can see her breasts?… Yes you can 😉 And it would be a shame if not! The WM Dolls 170cm M Cup with #149 […]

Sexy MILF wants you!

This new pics series is amazing. At first I thought it was 3D photos, but not all! She’s real! The WM Dolls 170cm H Cup with #149 head in these photos is so […]

Ayla is an elf

For Wikipedia: An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore.  In medieval Germanic-speaking cultures, elves seem generally to have been thought of as […]

She feels so alone

Yes it’s true. She’s alone at home. To pass the time, she takes a picture and is stripped, she contemplates herself, she excites herself… This WM 170cm H Cup with #156 […]

Big Boobs Out Fishnet Bodystocking

That’s why i loved this WM Doll 170cm body with M Cup, her boobs are super great! This bodystocking is perfect for her. In front, you see her big breasts and […]

Long nails and big boobs

This is not the first photoshoot that I show you, but I like this model with its long nails and its blonde wig with short hair. She is naked on […]

WM 170cm M Cup with #152 head photo

What an incredible sexy series… After the “Hippie” series, this is probably one of the best i’ve ever seen… I love her sexy large creole earrings, her huge boobs and little tee shirt.

OMG I’m a whore!

This morning she woke up with this strange idea: “I’m a whore”… She was totally naked and she wanted to wear a new “School Teacher” costume…. But not the real […]