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Tag: 140cm

Sexy babe on white sand

The 4’7” (140cm) D-Cup (Big breast) is one of the best seller of WM DOLLS. I wrote some many posts about her and her sexy body with her bouncing tits…. […]

Great all new vids from Z-OneDoll

Z-OneDoll uploads some new vids about silicone models: 140cm, 160cm and 162cm. You can see on vids some of beautiful models from Z-OneDoll, like the 140cm on the beach with […]

New pics of 140cm WM Dolls Small Breast

The 140cm from WM DOLLS is  always a great success and this new version with small breast is beautiful. I wrote a previous post with small breast bodies, and with […]

Do you like small breasts?

I’m not fan of the small breasts bodies…. but i’m not alone!  I am aware that many of you are completely crazy about A, B or C Cup. And my […]

New 140cm and 155cm with smaller breast

WM Dolls just released the 140 cm with reduced breast size, and now they do the same with the 155 cm doll. They also released new special fantasy head #58. This 155 […]

New great slideshow of 140cm TPE Doll

Thanks to and there vids of the 140cm TPE doll with different configurations and outfits. this model is a great success and when you’ll see the vids, you’ll understand why!