Feline Tigress Yolanda

I want to introduce you to this doll from Sino Doll, a magnificent doll of very high quality. Yolanda is a Sino Doll 161cm 5ft3 H cup with dark tan skin tone, and presented with two heads: S6 and S7. This doll is made of silicone, with great care and superb details.

Yolanda is a feline. She is sublime with her tanned skin, tattoo and very neat make-up. This beautiful amazon is so photogenic, that we could take these pictures for art photos.

The face S6 is a closed-eyed face, and proposed with the S7 which is its equivalent to open eyes, we almost reach perfection.

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A Well-Drunk Evening

What I like about quiet evenings at home, with just her sweetheart, a few chips and a couple of bottles. These famous evenings where we hug, approach and relax and then start again.

And when you are accompanied by a Sino Doll 152cm 5ft D cup in silicone with this magnificent S10 face, you are sure to have a good time, a little exhausting, but really good.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

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Fantacy The New Queen

Fantacy is a queen in her kingdom. As a young woman, she was a warrior who was not afraid, but always of honour in battle. She has always been the pride of her people, but today she must govern them. And she must offer them a lineage.

Fantacy wants to treat herself to some pleasures. She is full of desires and her body allows her to choose her partners. Her big tits as much as her eyes enchant the men she seduces in a few seconds. They satisfy her fantasies, which are always hotter with each sexual experience.

Fantacy is an YL Doll 148cm 4ft10 G cup with #286 head

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Huge Butt Video

And many of you are going crazy about this brand new doll: the YL Doll 158cm 5ft2 N cup with Hugggge Butt.

Her big breasts and especially her big ass were able to please you!!!!! And I understand you… so I asked the manufacturer to find me a nice video… and it’s done….1 minute and 30 seconds of happiness in which you’ll be able to see her huge ass wiggling and her big breasts swinging.  So exciting!!!!!

This brand new YL Doll doll is still a great success to come and I will try to get you a good price for those who would like to have one. There will be Chinese New Year and with this important event, orders will be postponed. So I’ll see what I can do. Feel free to leave me your comments for future buyers.

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Sexy Session With Chloe

Chloe is a DollHouse168 155 cm 5ft1 F Cup with #67 head.

Chloe is a young model just starting out in the business. She needs to learn and have different experiences. Her pretty green eyes and long, almost red hair give her the look of a frightened princess.

But she is sporty, dynamic and modern. Her body reflects her image, with her small, well-formed breasts, thin hips and long legs.

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Huge Boobs Marie

Marie is a 5ft2 158cm J Cup from Jarliet, and she’s a little crazy.

This young Asian girl has always been a little disturbed. She lives in her world. She dreams of flying and floating in the clouds.

When you see her, you think of something else… Her big white breasts will immediately envy and we just want to send her to the Seventh Heaven.

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Cow Girl Christi

Yee Haw! Here comes Christi the famous cowgirl. This pretty redhead with blue eyes, A Doll4ever 165cm 5ft5 I cup, has been a farmer since childhood.

She knows the western plains by heart and travels constantly in search of her herd of 1000 horned cow heads. She is fearless and does not hesitate to put her hands in her land. Her land is a part of herself.

But she is nevertheless a young, beautiful and sexy woman. And when desire rises, she doesn’t wait long before riding her man.

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2 Facets Of Super Sexy Nikki

I have already shown you the new Fit Series from Doll For Ever with the 155cm model. As a reminder, this series includes 3 models with the 135cm and 145cm.
Today, you will meet Nikki… and you will not regret it.

Nikki is a Doll4Ever New 155cm Fit Series. She’s a beautiful, gorgeous young woman with a damned body. She offers us not one session, but 2 photo galleries that you will love.

The first one is ultra sexy with a small golden shorts, white wool stockings and a small pink top…… the second is rather in business woman fashion very liberated…

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Tulip Muscle Fitness Doll

Tulip is a beautiful gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. This sex bomb is a fierce sportswoman.

She loves running, jumping, surpassing herself and sweating. She sculpts her body every day a little more to make it perfect. And it can be said that he is.

Tulip is an exclusive 160cm / 5ft2 fitness body doll from Passion Dolls.

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New YLDoll Biiiig Butt

And guys, here’s a little news!…..

Finally when I say a little… it’s not quite true, since the beautiful girl is 1m58 – 5ft2 tall and has a huge ass with a hip circumference of 50 inches – 127cm !

I had already shown you the first images of the model in production, First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty, well today, here is Aisha!

Since this is the first time Aisha has shown up, she has decided to show everything. She is almost naked, sexy and slightly damp. You won’t believe your eyes.

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