Ariel And Erian By Kevin

I want you to meet Ariel and Erian, Kevin’s two sweethearts. Kevin, you know him now, since he kindly shared a photographic moment with Ariel, his new 140cm Piper Doll.

He took a huge series of beautiful pictures with Ariel and her first doll, Erian. Erian is a 150cm Piper Doll Big Breast body. She’s beautiful.

I let you discover his two beautiful with one great video and more than 140 photos!

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Anna, an Ariel 2 By Kevinjesmer

It’s a gift, a wonderful gift from Kevin.

He has published on TDF (link below) some great photos and a video of his beautiful Ariel. And he offers us here his best pictures and the video…. I love it! I love it!

Kevin is a great photographer, and we feel here all the affection he has for Anna, his Piper Doll 140cm 4ft6 G cup.

I got Ariel from
She is short thick and curvy! She got thick thighs, big butt and a thin waist the helps brings it all out.Very pretty face and her TPE is insanely soft and smooth with no smell. Another great doll by!!!

He chose a mini skirt, a short necklace and high heels. Everything I love. And it must be admitted that the body and rump of the beauty are stunning.

Thank you Kevin!!

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Huge Boobs Midget In Pink On Cloud (Video)

I must have dreamed, I think. I saw a very sexy little angel in pink. It was a woman, a WM Dolls 108cm /3ft5 L cup with a very charming face #264.

Her eyes were closed.

Her huge chest made her want to take refuge there, to stick to her to feel her big nipples on her body. She also had a huge ass, which could be grabbed.

I saw her alone on a long cloud, then naked…. But was it really a dream?

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The Big Boob Midget Fell Asleep (Video)

The beauty, a WM DOLLS 108cm / 3ft5 L cup has fallen asleep. She had put a big cushion on the living room table to prepare a small part of my sex.

But I was late coming home and she finally fell asleep. She wants to have sex so badly, she started dreaming…

She went to such an erotic world. It excites her as long as she starts to caress herself and she ends up undressing without realizing it.

Her sexy body heats up with desire and she is now ready for me….

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Video of Huge Boobs Midget In The Garden

I found him like an angel sitting in the garden. I decided to film her…

She had laid down in the chair I had set up to enjoy the mild afternoons of Autumn. When I arrived, she was a little scared, she was afraid that I would throw myself on her generous body.

Then she relaxed, the desire went up inside her as I made her feel more confident. She undressed to turn me on…..

The moment was magical. This was with the WM Dolls 108cm / 3ft5 LCup

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Do You Like My Butt?

You’d like her to ask you that question. And in this case, I have no doubt about the answer. Yes she has a good ass, and a nice small tits…
This pretty brunette is an YL Doll 155Cm / 5ft1 D Cup with face #41.

Strangely, this is the first time I’ve shown you this face #41… in photos and video.

I tried to search but I didn’t find it on previous photo series. This rather Asian face works well with this body, and I find that the whole is rather harmonious.

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Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is a fruit, an apple, that we like to crunch. This is also the case with this YL DOLL 155cm / 5ft1 D Cup

You will see her with face #221, a slightly Asian face, a small mouth, and black almond eyes.

The Pink Lady likes pink. And everything about her is pink. She dresses in pink, finally she wears only a small top and a beautiful panties.

She also loves video…

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