Huge boobs MILF is ready for her first vid!


Milf is ready, you know? But do you know what for? I have an idea, and you?

This WM Dolls 170cm M Cup with #152 head is one of the sexiest huge boobs dolls in the world and NOW she’s on video. You could see this sex bomb with her jiggling tits….

Do not waste your time and click below to regret not having already ordered it!

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I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain


Prince is one of the best artist of the century (and the last one!). This fabulous creator has written one of the most famous songs in the world. I know it’s a big gap, and I want to apologize to him and his fans. But i found it was appropriate with this new pics gallery of the WM 158cm fat doll with #93  head.

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It’s not Christmas Day, but we don’t care {UPDATE}


Jiggle boobs, jiggle boobs, la lala la la… OK it’s not Christmas Day, but is it really important? I have some gift for you today!

And i choose the WM Dolls 170cm H Cup  with #142 head to be at the foot of the Christmas Tree with a great promo: $1,990 ($600 OFF!)

UPDATE: AND for RealDollAddict Readers, if you click on the link below…

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Jynx loves rock


Jynx is a YL DOLL 150 and she’s very naughty. She has one of the largest boobs among all the sex dolls. Her sexy K-cup tempts all the men who are into massive busts. At the height of 150cm/4’11”, she is easy to move around, despite having the giant busts, you will have no issues trying all kind of adventurous positions with her. 

And Jynx loves music… She likes the battery. Each percussion excites her terribly …

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Roadside28 ‘s Monster Review of HUGE boobs LeAnne


I want to thank him for his excellent review, vids and pics. He’s a fantastic guy and he wants to share his passion for his Big breasted baby.

I picked some content from TDF and his Vimeo Channel. Follow him if you want to get more info on LeAnne.

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