YL 165cm naked with new vids


The YL DOLL 165cm is beautiful with this #188 head. I published some vids of her but you know what happens… (My YouTube account has been terminated)

I found new solution and two new vids for you.

Just for remember:

  • Height: 165cm – 5ft4
  • Upper bust: 85cm – 33.5in
  • Under bust:65cm – 25.6in
  • Waist:56cm – 22in
  • Hips:104cm – 41in

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The Josie’s big butt

15522S Josie (40)

Climax Doll Josie has a big ass… This 5ft1 body with her K Cup size breast and 42.1 inches  of hips for 23.8 inch of waist is really curvy.

I already showed you the new 5ft1 model of Climax Doll with Darcy (Climax Doll Darcy), Amanda (Amanda is a star) and Gloria (Big butt Gloria loves Bikes). But Every time i see this model, i clearly want to order one… to play with Olga (My new Huge Boobs Olga is here).

Below you’ll find photos and videos of the photo session.

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