DollLover27 – High Cut Brazil style bikini – Part4

DSC_0006 (1)
This is another series of DollLover27 with his LeAnne from
Just a taste of what’s to come for the retro bikini set.

You all probably thought it was a thong bikini bottom due to the thin side hugging her sexy hips.
This fellas is a very narrow, very high cut Brazil style bikini bottom from the 90s era. One of my favorites!
I would say it complements her figure perfectly wouldn’t you?

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Meeting Valerie


Andy HSU is the happy owner of two CLM 160: Maddie and Jenny. He decided to write some great novels. Here is the first series called “Meeting Valerie“.

Jenny called me yesterday and asked if her friend Valerie could stay over at my place. I was hesitant at first, I’ve never met Valerie. Letting a stranger stay for 3 weeks? I did not like the sound of that.

“Why can’t she stay with you and Maddie?” I asked.  It seems rather odd they had plenty of space in their apartment.

“Well, she works right in the Loop. So it’s much easier for her to get to work. Val is on a business trip from San Diego. Plus, it gives me and Maddie an excuse to come visit!” She replied.

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