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Category: Video of sex dolls

A brand new sex doll from WM Dolls

WM Dolls offers us a new sex doll: the 5ft4 164cm G cupThis new sex doll is therefore of an intermediate size and seems to correspond to a trend of […]

Discovery of a pretty sex doll

Yes it’s quite surprising, because this sex doll is not new, it came out at the end of 2019. And I don’t really know why she wasn’t known to me.In […]

A home care nurse

I think I found the ideal sex doll to heal all your little boo-boos at home, without moving. It will be completely dedicated to you and you can be pampered […]

Small Boobs SexDolls For Fans

HR Doll has created two models of 158cm or 5 feet and 18 inches. These two models have their respective little successes, and I confess here that I have shown […]

A brand new mini sex doll from SEDOLL

I guess it’s the fashion for little sex dolls. It is clear that with the current crisis, the increase in transport costs and some transporters who for opaque reasons no […]

NEW Torso from IronTech Doll

Irontech Doll has understood us and in this period of uncertainty and deep difficulty, they allow fans to have fun without spending too much. Indeed, this new torso is offered […]

Huge Boobs MILF tests Her New Bikini

It’s always very complicated when you have a sexdoll with huge tits. And this is the case of this HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup.You fell in love with this […]

Nana and her twin sister Fleta

When you meet nice people, you are always happy and it always brings you something. You never know in advance, but it’s a real wealth that accumulates and I’m not […]

NEW PiperDoll Akira

You want to know and see everything about Akira, the new Piper Doll 5ft2 160cm G Cup? You’ve come to the right place. I gathered in this post all the […]

Huge Boobs Mega Star

How will you resist? Are you ready to see what you’re about to see?I know I’ve already shown it to you, and you’ve all fallen in love with it! She […]

A sexdoll, nurse at home

Tribute must be paid to the caregivers who worked so hard to save many of us. The nurses made a great effort during this crisis. It is time to give […]

The 5 videos of the Sex Doll Sarah

Sarah is an Irontech Sex Doll, which measures 5ft2 159cm. This is not the first time that I show you this model that really deserves attention.Sarah is a beautiful young […]

Kiko, a Sex Doll Cyborg with a Sword

For those of you who like futuristic movies, you’ve already recognized who Kiko’s sister is… And in this famous movie, you know which warrior fights the bad guys to help […]

A fat sex doll with huge tits

AF Dolls is a sex doll specialist with big breasts, or rather huge breasts. Just have a look at the excellent latest models produced by the brand. We can mention […]