Huge Boobs Manga Girl

I really like this torso very much, the WM 85cm 2ft9 L cup torso (Video of the New L Cup Torso Doll Naked). And if I didn’t hold back, it would probably be my new acquisition. Especially since with this face #233 and this little outfit, she’s really irresistible.

So much so that you will be able to enjoy 2 series of photos, including one where she is totally naked…

Her L Cup chest is perfect. I think it’s the right size. To get a doll in O Cup, I think a little less chest is more “practical”. The breasts are lighter and you can play with them more.

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Micofm RedBra for huge boobs

Micofm presents us a new series of pictures of her beautiful Emily dressed in a pretty red lingerie set.

Emily is an YL Doll torso based on a YL Doll 150cm O Cup (like my Olga)… so with huge breasts. My followers already know her well since Micofm had already made us happy with other series: White Lingerie for Emily or Emily, The Bra Destroyer

For those who would like to acquire this well-filled doll, there is currently a promotion by my partner SexyRealSexDolls at 1.499 USD instead of 1.700 (click on the link below).

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80 Pics of Tan Skin Tone Hugest Ass Torso

You know it well since I have already presented it to you in different configurations: New Torso with Hugest BUTT and YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

Today it’s a the same series as Biggest Butt Torso Naked (82 pics) with tanned skin tone body, face #176, beautiful curly hair and beautiful black eyes.

This model has the biggest breasts and the biggest ass for a torso, and you will be able to take the time to contemplate it with more than 80 pictures of the beautiful in all positions.

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Biggest Butt Torso Naked (82 pics)

Everyone is waiting for this series of 82 nude photos from YL Doll’s latest torso, which claims the biggest ass!

This torso has a tanned skin tone and face #176, which you have already seen with another very large breast torso of the same brand: NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso

I really like this face and I think it is very successful. Its fleshy lips, curvature of the nose and the design of the eyes make it a true beautiful face.

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New Torso with Hugest BUTT

Hey Guys …

I’ve prepared a huge mega giga gallery of over 100 photos of YL Doll’s new torso, here with the #186 head.

This torso boasts the biggest ass in production today with huge thighs and super big breasts.

Before you get a video (which shouldn’t be long now), you will be able to see it in detail from every angle!

Feel free to give me your opinion and share with all your  (big dolls fans) friends.

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YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

Do you like fat asses? Well, I’ve got a mega maxi for you.

The brand new YL Doll torso with the world’s biggest ass is on sale very soon! and when I say the biggest ass, I mean a circumference of 146cm – 57.5in.

So like those who generally like big asses, like big breasts, YL Doll had the good idea to add her a pair of huge boobs with an upper bust at 114cm – 44.9in and under bust at 68cm – 26.8in  (M or N Cup size).

Anyway, you will be able to get an idea, since I put you a huge photo gallery (also) of more than 80 Photos!…. and I have more to come.

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Sofa Sex With Huge Boobs

You like big breasts. You like sofas.

You will love this new series of photos with the WM Dolls Torso 85cm M Cup, short version of the 170cm M Cup.

This torso is beautiful (I already told you in the previous series with the face #198, which I will try to buy myself).

We find associated with this body the face #195, with blue eyes, a beautiful little mouth, and a beautiful long black hair with pony tails.

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