Huge boobs torso gets large hips

The WM Dolls 87cm/34.2inches Torso, based on the WM Dolls 170cm/5ft7 M cup,  is shown here with the #198 head.  This is the second time with same head: WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

Huge boobs, large hips and light weight…. I would like to get your opinion on this torso (compare to the L Cup from the same brand: NEW WM Dolls Torso L Cup Pics and vids). And if someone bought that torso, I wish I could share a review here.

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NEW WM Dolls Torso L Cup Pics and vids

Yes it’s correct!.

You can see 2 new vids of the new huge boobs torso from WM Dolls. This new pics series and vids are with the new #223 head, which is a closed-eyes face. This lightweight torso is a sex bomb and you can see all details like her jiggling huge tits and bouncy butt.

This is the 85cm L Cup, you’ve seen it in Huge boobs Torso naked

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Huge boobs Torso naked

New pics of the huge boobs WM Dolls L cup new torso doll with #85 head. She already w

She has already wore a swimsuit, on the last two posts, but there I offer you in addition to nude pictures.

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WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

This is new pics series of the WM Dolls 87cm/34.2inches M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

You can see her monster tits (102cm – 40.15inches) on these beautiful, very artistic pictures: black and white, sepia treatment.

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The Blondie Huge Boobs Torso

You have already seen (pics and video) this Huge Boobs torso from WM Dolls with asian #33 head: WM Dolls Huge boobs Torso loves bikini

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WM Dolls Huge boobs Torso loves bikini


I agree with you… For those like me who live in the northern hemisphere, it’s still a little early for the bikini. The atmosphere and the desires are rather turned towards snow and winter sports… but I’m not like that, and I hate the cold!

So I’ve decided to offer you a new series of photos with the new WM Dolls torso L cup.

Cool no? And since I’m nice and you’re lucky guys, you also have a great video…

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New WM Dolls torso videos and photos


New pics and vids of the new WM Dolls Torso 85cm / 2ft8 L cup with #33 head after the New WM Dolls torso based on the 170cm M cup

This torso is fantastic with her huge boobs and great butt. I really like this new type of torso with arms based on best WM Dolls models.

  • Height:85cm/2ft8
  • Bust: 96cm – 37.8in
  • Waist: 54cm – 21.2in
  • Hips: 86cm – 33.8in
  • Weight: 23kg – 50.7lbs

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