Emily pulls out the red

@Micofm is a really nice guy (I already told you) but he’s also an excellent photographer.

He had already done us the honour of distributing here his review and his first photographs (which he had offered at the TDF Forum, you will find the link at the bottom of this post) : Emily, The Bra Destroyer, an YL Doll torso based on the 150cm Huge boobs ( NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso)

And he makes us the great joy to share with us his new pictures of his Huge Boobs Torso Doll with sexy red lingerie…
She’s beautiful and the attention to detail makes it even more sublime.

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YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso with #188 head

Two vids and a great pics gallery for this new huge boobs torso doll from YL Doll.

I already show this torso, based on the YL Doll 150cm/4ft11 O Cup with black skin tone: New YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso

You can see the model with a white skin ton body and #188 head

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Emily, The Bra Destroyer

Emily is  the new Doll of @Micofm. She’s an YL Doll torso based on the YL Doll 150cm Huge boobs you’ve seen in: NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso
@Micofm is great guy and after he published a special thread on TDF: Emily, The Bra Destroyer – YL150cm TORSO Review, he contacted me to spontaneously share with you his review and photos on the blog. I thank him warmly for that. If you are interested, I strongly invite you to read his full review on TDF. The URL address is at the bottom of this post.

He also has a surprise for you in the coming days as he promised exclusive shots for the RDA Blog!

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NEW YL Doll Huge Boobs Torso

I LOVE this Huge Boobs Black Skin doll torso with head #176. You will see some great vids and a Huuuuuuge pics gallery with tons of sexy photos…

This torso is based on the YL Doll 150cm/4ft11 O Cup I know very well (Olga in videos…).

The measurements are the same than the YL Doll 150cm/4ft11 except the weight which goes down to 29k – 63.9lbs (35.5kg – 78.3lbs for the “entire” model). It is not quite a torso since the arms are cut just at shoulder level and the legs at knee level.

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WM 170cm M cup torso with #195 head

New Giant pics series with the Huge Boobs Torso from WM Dolls….

I don’t know wht i can add to the previous posts i have already published: Huge boobs torso gets large hips, WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head, or New WM Dolls torso based on the 170cm M cup

You know that i’m crazy about huge boobs dolls and this one is one of my favorites… the advantage of weight is not negligible when we want to have a little bit of fun without it being too difficult to change positions….

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Huge boobs torso gets large hips

The WM Dolls 87cm/34.2inches Torso, based on the WM Dolls 170cm/5ft7 M cup,  is shown here with the #198 head.  This is the second time with same head: WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

Huge boobs, large hips and light weight…. I would like to get your opinion on this torso (compare to the L Cup from the same brand: NEW WM Dolls Torso L Cup Pics and vids). And if someone bought that torso, I wish I could share a review here.

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NEW WM Dolls Torso L Cup Pics and vids

Yes it’s correct!.

You can see 2 new vids of the new huge boobs torso from WM Dolls. This new pics series and vids are with the new #223 head, which is a closed-eyes face. This lightweight torso is a sex bomb and you can see all details like her jiggling huge tits and bouncy butt.

This is the 85cm L Cup, you’ve seen it in Huge boobs Torso naked

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