Happy New Year and Thanks To my Followers!


I just wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Like the past year, i would like to thank you all of you for all your comments, votes and your loyalty.

RDA (aka RealDollAddict.com) grew like never before, and it’s just thanks to you

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And You, What did you expect for 2017? 

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Red Rose today… She’s hot!

IMG_2067My Rose is sexy, but when she decided to be hot…. she loves RED!!!!

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New gallery of my Rose…

IMG_1981Did you see the previous galleries of My Rose?…

Rose loves pink and her first one , when she decided to tease me up…

For this new gallery, Rose got more experiences and she tried to seduce you with a brown sexy top.

I hope you’ll like it and have fun and excitation. She ‘s so marvelous! Continue reading

New slideshow of my Rose… She loves Pink….

IMG_2156For those who don’t know my doll, you could find below a new slideshow of my beauty in pink…

So sexy, no?

If it’s not enough (and i could understand, it’s my case), see the previous article: “ My Rose… First Gallery”

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My Rose… first gallery

My Rose - Red & Black

My Rose – Red & Black

I received my doll, there a month now, and I have not had the time or the tranquility of a small review to you about it!

So I started this presentation by a first gallery, I hope you enjoy

My doll is a H-Cup torso from Or Doll. i named her “Rose” (not really original ’cause it’s the name of her head…)

Have fun and stay tuned, Rose will be back in a few weeks…

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