Brand New Huge Boobs Mamasita

Mamasita is a BBW SexDoll with a huge ass and a nice pair of huge Boobs (probably O Cup with 105cm – 41.3inches).

I show it to you in preview, since this doll will only be available after February 18… but NOW you can already pre-order it at a great price of US$1699, instead of US$2199.

This SILI Doll is the first of its kind to have measurements of this type. And I love it!!! She’s a little heavy, but given her size and plump body, one could not have expected better.

Here is a first series of photos to enjoy the curves of the beauty since she shows herself to you completely naked.
Look forward to the next one and maybe on video!

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Sili Doll Special BF Suriwaai

Yes Guys, this is special BLACK FRIDAY LUXURY CUSTOM SURIWAAI™ 145 cm!!

I don’t know if there will be any left as I write these words. But SiliDoll is doing a great special operation for Black Friday Prepay with its Signature Series Custom Suriwaai in luxury version.
And the price is simply crazy since it’s less than $1,500 with an extra head!
I’ve already introduced you to the beautiful one in: Sili Doll New Signature Series
so if you’re interested, hurry up, there won’t be enough for everyone.

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The Sate’s Summer Doll

Sate is a very cool guy. He bought the Summer Doll from Sili Doll… this summer and he makes us enjoy it with a great Unboxing video and some pictures.

This doll is a recent creation that seems to have a lot of quality: the weight, the size of the breast and her pretty ass.

You can contact him and make your comments on TDF (link at the bottom of the page).

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A brand new doll from Sili Doll that celebrates the season we are in (finally in the northern hemisphere): SUMMER!

She’s beautiful, she’s lightweight, she is of small height (but it’s ok – this is the same as SURI, 135cm/4ft4 ) she has big breasts and a pretty well rounded ass…..

And because it’s summer and it’s hot, she has a beautiful tan skin tone.

In fact she has only one defect… She’s only pre-ordered!

But as you know now, and well for those who want to have it, you can earn $400 by ordering it now:

Available in early August 2018

Pre-Order now and get the Unbeatable Price of only $1299 ($1699) with coupon “preorder” at checkout


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Discover The New Suki 2

Suki is one of Sili Doll’s best sellers. But Suki The First is a small doll (110cm/3ft6)

And now i can present the brand-new SUKI, the second – 158cm/5ft2

It’s not the same doll at all, even if she’s based on Suki 1. She’s 10cm smaller than Sukiwaai. It is still a doll assembled in the United States, and it will be on sale from June 8.
And that’s where it’s interesting since Sili Doll offers you to pre-book it to earn a few dollars… $400 to be exact! You’ll just have to deposit $200 to their PayPal Account and you’ll get a $400 coupon when placing your order after 8 June 2018… $1,399 for Suki 2!

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Sex Dolls Lesbian Play

It’s not very common to have the chance to watch two dolls together make a big hug… Especially when it comes to 2 SiliDoll’s dolls.

Sukiwaai (169cm) and Suriwaai (145cm) are the two successes of the company and show you all the potential to appeal to these two goddesses of love.

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Sukiwaai in Wonder Woman Cosplay

Wonder Woman is a sex symbol for a whole generation (Y). And the manufacturers understood that. I already showed you a sexy version of WM Dolls: Wonder Woman naked. Today it is SILI Doll which is sticking to it, with a certain success.

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Sili Doll New Signature Series


This new Signature Series from the SURIWAAI model of SILI Doll is fully USA assembled – ships from California, with skin processing and  makeup and cosmetic design by hand

Each new order is hand assembled.

This lighweight doll – 57.5 pounds (26 kilos) – has great shape and made with premium korean tpe. She’s so realistic and so soft, with nice boobs and butt. And the current price is $1,699….

Her measurements are:

  • Net Weight (with head on): 57.5 lbs (26 kg)
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Bust: 32.3 inches (82 cm)
  • Hips: 20.1 inches (51 cm)
  • Waist: 31.5 inches (80 cm)

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New Sili Doll 145cm Suriwaai


Sili Doll is know to create some softness Korean TPE Dolls. You knew Suki (Huge review with pics and vids of Suki from SILI Doll), Suri (New Suri from SILI DOLL (Pics and sexy Vids)) and Sukiwaai (Sukiwaai is a sex Bomb).

Now this is the Suriwaai time and this is a very good one!…. She has the great breast and butt of Sukiwaai with the low low low weight! Check the video on Pornhub and you’ll understand why i love this doll.

Her measurements are:

  • Net Weight (with head on): 57.5 lbs  – 26 kg
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Bust: 32.3 in – 82 cm
  • Hips: 20.1 in –  51 cm
  • Waist: 31.5 in – 80 cm

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Sukiwaai is a sex Bomb

Pink Lace 12

Sukiwaai is a sex bomb. It’s sure. If you’re not convinced about that, i suggest you to watch her video (New Sukiwaai videos).

This baby has probably one of the softest boobs and jiggling breast.

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