DollLover27 – High Cut Brazil style bikini – Part4

DSC_0006 (1)
This is another series of DollLover27 with his LeAnne from
Just a taste of what’s to come for the retro bikini set.

You all probably thought it was a thong bikini bottom due to the thin side hugging her sexy hips.
This fellas is a very narrow, very high cut Brazil style bikini bottom from the 90s era. One of my favorites!
I would say it complements her figure perfectly wouldn’t you?

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DollLover27 presents Stripper/exotic dance cocktail dress – part2

DSC_0085 (2)

Second part for the DollLover27’s doll story. In the first part, i showed you the arrival of his LeAnne, the Huge Boobs Doll from

And here is the start of the light pink dress set PT9045.

The dress was purchased from Ebay a few years ago. The description was something like ‘Stripper/exotic dance cocktail dress’ i think. It is a size small but it is very stretchy. Although it did take some rearranging of her tits to squeeze her into it. Around the ass is was pretty much stretched to the limit as well.

Now i know this dress covers more of her but you have to admit it accentuates her curves perfectly! she is wearing a thong under the dress (because she is a decent classy gal) but it is in the more erotic side. Plus this will lead into the next set … You’ll see.


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DollLover27 tell us his love story – Part 1


DollLover27 is an active poster on TDF. He recently buy a 158cm LeAnne from I invite you to read or re-read the great review of Roadside28

He created a excellent thread on the famous dolls forum with many photos. I could not resist showing them to you in several episodes,… like a beautiful story.

First Part: The arrival of LeAnne

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Caution, the sexy plump BBW is on the way


Yes and she’s really in a hurry!

She has no time to lose,  this is the new CM 160 (5’3″) with her curvy shape, big breasts (41.7″) and large hips (40″). I find her european face really successful.

Her measurements are:

  • Height: 160cm (5ft 3in)
  • Bust: 106 cm (41.7 in)
  • Waist: 63cm (24.8in)
  • Hips: 102cm (40in)
  • Weight: 45kg (100lbs)

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