146cm Curvy Brandy is here!


I presented you Brandy, a new exclusive 146cm Curvy Real Love Doll from PassionDolls: NEW EXCLUSIVE Passion Doll: Brandy – 146cm cutie coming soon!

Brandy is a 146cm love doll with a curvy slender body and big tushy.  The love doll slim waist provide extra curves to her already sexy slender body. For small breast lovers, she’s THE perfect doll with a low price (less than $1,600). Love her face with sexy blue  eyes and naughty lips…

Exclusive only at PassionDolls.com

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New pics of the gigantic boobs from PassionDolls.com


Three sexy heads, Two gigantic boobs,  One body… This is the new Passion Doll Huge Boobs pics gallery of the day! LOVE IT!

After Gigantic Busty Real Sex Doll With Big Booty and Bust is HUGE 121cm and Hip is 42cm, the biggest boob/ass combo, this third series helps you to discover this new excellent body with three different heads and wigs.

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Gigantic Busty Real Sex Doll With Big Booty


You like Boobs, You love HUGGGE boobs… me too! This is OUR month guys!… After the YLDOLL 150 Huge Boobs PassionDolls create a new big busty doll, named with this head, LeAnne….. Hello LeAnne… Can i touch your nipples???????

Now Huge boobs lovers, you get the choice between 3 types of breast:

  • This PassionDolls Type A – 158cm: Bust =  121cm / 47.6 inch
  • YLDoll 150cm: Bust = 116cm/ 45.6 inch
  • WM Doll K Cup = 110cm / 43.3 inch

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Bust is HUGE 121cm and Hip is 42cm, the biggest boob/ass combo


Bust is a 62.2″ (158cm) doll from Passiondolls.com, not yet produced but you can preorder it. She has the BIGGEST BREAST (47.6 inches) i have ever seen (except the new 150 YL Doll). This is bigger than OR Doll H-CUP, WM Dolls 165cm K-Cup or the other PassionDolls H-Cup Jessica.

And, until the doll is release, you can preorder and use the RDA promo code.  

You will get $150 OFF, plus 3 wigs included all together!

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Standing type 162cm big ass Suzie


Suzie is a Iron Tech Doll. You can find and buy her on Passiondolls.com with name Bridget – Type C. I already wrote a post on Bridget Series: Bridget, Big and Beautiful Doll with Huge Booty 42″ Thick

Bridget is a 63.7″ (162cm) doll with a 42″ Bubble Butt Plump.

In this post, you can see her in a vid and in a pics galleries.

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