White High Heels For Black Gothic Gina


Gina is a 158cm/5ft2 World’s Biggest Breast Mannequin Doll Goth Style from PassionDolls.com.

You can see her as a Gothic Doll with white high heels. This is a “made me crazy” pics series!!!

I know that you love this body with Huge boobs and large hips!… Me too 😉

Her specs:

  • Height: 158cm (5’2″)
  • Bust: 121cm – 47.6in
  • Waist: 61.5cm – 24in
  • Hips: 108cm – 42.5in
  • Weight: 48.5kg

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Greta BBW from PassionDolls.com


Greta is a 163cm/5ft4 BBW Doll. She has one of the largest booty at 115cm thick. She’s like Penelope, pink hair and chained outfit Huge boobs doll, but with larger hips and bigger breasts.

Curvy and round bubble butt along with a large breast, this doll is perfect for those who loves large models. She’s a little heavy, but that’s normal given the proportions….

  • Bust: 105cm – 41.3 inches
  • Waist: 55cm – 21.6 inches
  • Hip: 115cm – 45.3 inches
  • Weight: 43kg – 94.8lbs

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More photos of the muscle doll from PassionDolls.Com


This is the third exclusive pics gallery from Passion Dolls about their new muscle doll!!

The first one was: New muscle doll for Passion Doll – First pics (when the model was designed) and the second: Exclusive Photos of the Muscle Doll from Passion Dolls for the launch!!

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Promo for Amber from PassionDolls.com


Say Hello to Amber, the world’s largest bubble butt doll!!!!

This new 5ft2″ Huge boobs body is so special with the shape of her breasts. That’s so sexy and so natural.. I love this!!!… And last but not least, her butt……OMG!…. My friends, you’ll be crazy  when you see this …HUGGGGGGEEE 46 inches of ASSS!!!!

I added two animated gifs, one for Boobs… one for Butt … no jealous 😉

And my partner PassionDolls.com is so cool and offers us a cool promo valid until 20 october. Don’t wait if you’re interested!!!

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Exclusive Photos of the Muscle Doll from Passion Dolls


Exclusive muscular body building doll Michele is a 160cm/5ft2″ with ultra thick quads and thigh from Passiondolls.com. I think it’s G Cup Breast Size.

Her 43″ (110cm) thick ass is for those who are into muscular or fitness models. An improved and upgraded skeleton is also available for this special model.

Her measurements are:

  • Bust: 101cm – 39.7in
  • Waist: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Hip: 110cm – 43.3in
  • Weight: 51kg  – 112lbs

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Erika – Type G – 158cm Busty Mannequin Love Doll


DollLover27 is a big fan of his doll and he loves to take some photos of her…. PassionDolls.com offers me this new pics series of his Biggest Breast Leanne

You now know this doll very well, and this doll is one of the star for huge boobs lovers.

I do not know where he finds the lingerie for his doll with very big breasts, but it is always of quality: a pretty red bra with her matching thong.

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Daisy loves her huge boobs


Daisy is a 158cm/ Realistic Huge Boob Doll. She has the Passion Dolls exclusive world’s largest breast (upper bust of 121cm / 47.6 inches) and large butt (108cm / 42.5 inches). Daisy is one of Dolls of Dolllover27

She has not the largest since the new World’s Biggest Butt Doll from the same brand.

Three big pics series below to show you this incredible huge boobs baby…

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