Bea is Huge boobs Mature Latina BBW from Australia


Bea is the new Climax Doll 105cm/3ft3  Huge boobs doll of @Curveman, an AAP (Australian Active Poster on TDF). He already had two dolls one with giants breasts (WM Dolls 165cm K Cup), and one with big butt !!!… And @Curveman is like me… He loves HUGE BOOBS!

And when he can buy a HUGE BOOBS doll, he don’t waist time!

Discover his review published on TDF just below and visit his others threads.

Great Thanks @Curveman!!

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Prototype Robotic head Ex Doll


Cloud Climax presents new Prototype Robotic head from Ex Doll / DS Doll. You can see a video and some pics of this technology.
We have got some progress on the DS Dolls and EX Doll robot project.
Since 2014 DS Dolls and EX Doll have been working towards the concept of a robot doll. It is still being worked upon, but they have completed a prototype now.
She is based upon the Yolanda face. She has a complicated mechanical structure inside of the head and has very soft silicone skin.The neck is still being finalised and should be completed in next few months.

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Tyra EX Doll 158 Plus New Face


This is the TYRA doll from EX Doll (DS Doll). This a brand new face has the specialist make up artist attention with very chiseled featured.

Her head circumference is 53cm, length is 22cm, head weight is 1.7kg and eyes are 24mm.

She has a 158 Plus body and comes with no pubic hair, and the Long wig that is pictured.

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The “EX-Lite” as she is now to be known is here!


DS have built a new factory in order to facilitate the new EX-Lite doll.  She has been pre-released in China under the Ex-Doll brand and the doll is now being known as the Ex-Lite for the Western Market too. A new plastic skeleton has been manufactured, which is much stronger than ever before.

As it stands EX-Lite will only be available in ‘Kayla’ style and with the one type of body which is around 163cm tall. She will weigh 8kg. The removable limbs mean someone with very little storage space can have a full size doll.

You can buy* yours now on CloudClimax just for £990!

Special introductory price for EX Lite, shipping to commence Jan17 working to about 4-5 week lead time for deliveries.
Massive saving introductory price, £900 free shipping UK, £50 EU for rest of the world*.

*As usual, we will be selling within the UK, EU (except France & Germany) and Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, China & Japan).

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Cloud Climax present the DS-Lite (EX-Lite) an interview of Paul Lumb


With the DS-Lite being so highly anticipated and such an innovative product, we have had so much interest already

I already announced in this blog the creation of the new DS Lite(ExLite) models from DS DOLL (EX DOLL). Cloud Climax, one of my UK partner, the official UK reseller of DS dolls has been offering quickly the pre-registration: New DS-Lite Pre-Registration


You can see a complete Interview of Paul Lumb the owner of Cloud Climax.

Silicone dolls offer great realism and attention to detail, but that also means that they are rather expensive and that it’s hard to store them at home in a discreet manner, considering their size and weight.

Japanese company DS Dolls has set out to find a solution to this problem and are now presenting the result, called DS-Lite.

It will be available in our climes very shortly, brought to us by Cloud Climax, the official reseller of DS dolls.

EAN spoke with Paul Lumb, the owner of Cloud Climax, to learn more about the new ‘lightweight’ in the dolls segment.

Paul also provides us with some background info on this product category, explaining why sex dolls are sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch Wives’. Believe it or not, this term was actually coined by the Japanese, and it dates back to the 17th century


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Fast delivery on


Cloud Climax, Official DS DOLL Uk seller, are now doing a fast delivery on certain dolls. And “Fast” is really fast!!!. 

Cloud Climax now have dedicated stock control DS Dolls on specific models body sized, non bespoke heads can be altered by personal choice in the drop down boxes and they can despatch within 7-10 days!!!

The current available DS DOLL are: 160 / 163 / 163 plus / 167

You can see them here