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Category: Resellers

The Devil is in the details

It’s really a sublime series of photos of a sexdoll that is just as sublime. That devil will turn your head again.Anyway, you won’t get over it… I’m sorry. I […]

Sayuri, little asian girl with big tits

She’s beautiful, a little small, but so exciting. Yes, I always hesitate when I want to show you sexdolls under 140cm. But for the Doll4Ever sexdoll, I didn’t take too […]

One star and two innovations by WM Dolls

WM Dolls is one of the undisputed leaders in the world of VSE sexdolls. They manufacture the most beautiful Chinese sexdolls with great care and attention, always listening to their […]

The mechanic’s got huge boobs

This new YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup is a real star, and this is confirmed day by day. It is beautiful. It is so provocative that it has only […]

Lesbian Action, a Doll Crazy movie…

Careful, I don’t think you’re ready to see what Doll Crazy is offering us again. Already the first post was a great moment of pleasure for many of you, and […]

A very generous Sexdoll

That’s really what I like about the Sexdolls, is that you can choose exactly what you like. I know this speech may shock some people, but that’s okay, I’ll take […]

SEDOLL Sex Robot

The New Sexbot From SEDoll

Are we entering a new era? I’ve been following the arrival of sex robots for several years now. It’s obvious that this is going to be a revolution for many […]

Lesley’s videos

Lesley is a HR Doll 165cm 5ft4 E Cup. Lesley is a charming young lady of 23 years old.She has the face #24 of a beautiful midwestern American. Her wavy […]

Tallest Sex Doll gets huge boobs

Oh my god!… Here’s a XXL sexdoll! The SUPER sexdoll with huge measurements! Everything is gigantic on this SY Doll sexdoll, everything, not almost everything… since we could have had […]

The Sexy Black Rabbit

In my work, you always have to be creative, and it is not always easy. When you host a sexdoll like Bianca, however, ideas immediately come to mind. So I […]

Sport at home

We’re not going to let ourselves go, are we? What do you think?So today we’re doing sports! We take a floor mat, the one we’ve neatly tucked away in our […]

Huge boobs for the little sexdoll

SM Doll created one of my favorite sexdolls in 2018 and I still find it at the top. It’s normal, that I’m telling you this because she looks like my […]

The little student’s ass

And yes, we often get lost in speeches, while a simple little ass with two pretty rounded buttocks nails you. In the blink of an eye, you shut up and […]

Johana, Sexy HouseWife

I love the little bourgeoises, who stay at home and take care of their interiors. For many of them, they are very active, very involved in life and often do […]