Sukiwaai in black

Peacock Fishnet 10

I’m crazy about Sukiwaai from Sili Doll. This 5’5 doll is not too heavy for its great height. She has a good-sized chest, and a good ass well bulging.

And the best is her TPE material. This is the softest TPE (Korean) and you can check it on the different reviews and vids about her.

She makes you crazy on the two pics series below.

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Sukiwaai is a serious schoolgirl

School Girl 5

Sukiwaai is fantastic. She’s so sweet and so serious. She loves her studies. But now she is a woman, and she is full of desire.

Sukiwaai is made with the World`s Softest Premium Korean TPE. Don’t miss vids about her: New Sukiwaai videos

Her measurements are so perfect:

  • Net Weight: 90 pounds (41 kilos)
  • Height: 169 centimeters
  • Bust/ breast circumference: 33.9 inches (86 centimeters)
  • Hips circumference: 20.1 inches (51 centimeters)
  • Booty circumference: 31.9 inches (81 centimeters)
  • Under breast circumferences: 24.8 inches (63 centimeters)

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Erika, the World’s Largest Big Breast & Butt Mannequin Love Doll – DollLover27 – part5

DSC_0009 (3)

This is the fifth episode of DollLover27’s doll. Don’t miss the previous part (DollLover27 – High Cut Brazil style bikini – Part4)

This is ever the Passion Doll’s Erika, the World’s Largest Big Breast & Butt Mannequin Love Doll. And for this series, She tries a new little trikini… (if it’s the good name, not sure)

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New Sukiwaai videos

Banded Dress 6

Sukiwaai is beautiful. She’s the most recent doll from Sili Doll. This doll, like the other, is made with the World`s Softest Premium Korean TPE.

And you can check it in the vids below. The first video was shot by Adventurer (New Excellent Suki Review by Adventurer and Adventurer found his Love Doll)

And there are some surprises for you at the end of this post, with pics and a special video…

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