Erika – Type G – 158cm Busty Mannequin Love Doll


DollLover27 is a big fan of his doll and he loves to take some photos of her…. offers me this new pics series of his Biggest Breast Leanne

You now know this doll very well, and this doll is one of the star for huge boobs lovers.

I do not know where he finds the lingerie for his doll with very big breasts, but it is always of quality: a pretty red bra with her matching thong.

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Daisy loves her huge boobs


Daisy is a 158cm/ Realistic Huge Boob Doll. She has the Passion Dolls exclusive world’s largest breast (upper bust of 121cm / 47.6 inches) and large butt (108cm / 42.5 inches). Daisy is one of Dolls of Dolllover27

She has not the largest since the new World’s Biggest Butt Doll from the same brand.

Three big pics series below to show you this incredible huge boobs baby…

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Mason703 is selling his 158 LeAnne to get a different color


Mason703 bought a Huge Boobs Leanne on He called her Gina.

If anyone is interested, I’ll be posting my 158 LeAnn doll “GINA” in the For Sale Section of this forum. I’m going to order a lighter color doll soon and am not a big fan of the “TAN” color that this doll has.
Here are some pics for those who aren’t familiar with past postings.

You can see below some fantastic photoshoots of Gina in black and .. white.

Hurry up. She should not stay long for sale!!!

You can contact him on TDF ( to send your offer:

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My new doll, help me find her nickname!


I asked you to vote about the best combination with YL Doll 150cm Huge Boobs body and the heads: Vote for the Best YLDoll 150cm Huge boobs Combination

I showed you the excellent review of @Tootsie ( Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs ) and @DollyDearest ( Dolly Dearest New Pics)

After that, i decided to order my new own YL DOLL 150cm Huge boobs baby with your best combination vote: head #149!!

I contacted my partner and after some exchange, i completed the order.

Her specifications are:

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