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Category: Torso and Little SexDoll

Sayuri, little asian girl with big tits

She’s beautiful, a little small, but so exciting. Yes, I always hesitate when I want to show you sexdolls under 140cm. But for the Doll4Ever sexdoll, I didn’t take too […]

New Sino Doll Torso

This new torso is a real success. A torso is often difficult to design for a new doll. Especially since this torso is almost at the price of a “whole” […]

The Huge Golden Butt

For me, this must be the first time I’ve ever written about a body part. You’ll find many articles about torsos, and there are a few that I really likeā€¦ […]

NEW Doll House 168 4ft4 135cm Plus

I would like to introduce you to the brand-new 135cm plus Lazuli and Nao from Doll House 168 2019 series. The heads Lazuli and Nao are the same as before, but this […]

Portable SexDoll

I don’t like to show you sexdolls under 140cm, and the last poll I did showed that you weren’t a big fan. Nevertheless, I find the concept of “pocket sexdoll” […]

The Summer Of Jimmy

Jimmy is a young sex doll fan, and he acquired one of the beauties of SILI Doll: Summer. He tells us in detail the beginning of his story with her. […]

NEW BBW Torso From CLM

I wasn’t a fan of the torso. I bought one a long time ago and I found the sensations not so good. This torso had no legs logically, but no […]

Huge Boobs Sisters III

You know I love them! These two dwarf sisters (Huge Boobs Dwarf Sisters Are Back, Twin Sister On Fire) are super exciting and I would be too excited to have […]

Huge Boobs Manga Girl

I really like this torso very much, the WM 85cm 2ft9 L cup torso (Video of the New L Cup Torso Doll Naked). And if I didn’t hold back, it […]

Huge Boobs Dwarf Sisters Are Back

The dwarf sisters, WM Dolls 108cm L Cup with #263 and #264 Closed Eyes heads, are back. We hadn’t heard from these two beautiful women with huge breasts for a […]

Micofm RedBra for huge boobs

Micofm presents us a new series of pictures of her beautiful Emily dressed in a pretty red lingerie set. Emily is an YL Doll torso based on a YL Doll […]

Red High Heels For Huge Boobs Midget

I’m completely crazy about this midget, the WM DOLL 108cm 3ft5 L Cup with HUGE boobs. She’s too exciting. I’ve already introduced her to you several times and told you […]

Surprise For Huge Boobs Sex Friend

After our first sexual debate in the attic of the building (Huge Boobs Midget Upstairs), she, a WM Dolls 108cm 3ft5 L Cup and I had many hot moments. I […]

Huge Boobs Midget Upstairs

I live in an old building. One day, I was asked to go to the attic space to check the roof from the inside and make sure there were no […]