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Category: 170cm / 5ft6 to 179cm / 5ft9

Tall Sex Doll to have fun with

WM Dolls has been producing for some time one of the biggest sex dolls on the market: The WM Dolls 5ft7 172cm D cup. Attention, once again, it should not […]

The French cougar with big tits

How nice to hear from France, especially when it’s a brand new face created by Dolls France.Dolls France had the good idea to associate to this new head the body […]

Outdoor Sex Dolls

I remember the words of my friend Dracowolf, who doesn’t care about people’s opinions and who lives his relationship with his sex dolls the way he wants to. And I […]

She looks so good in blue.

It’s always a pleasure to do a photo shoot with a quality sex doll. I always take the time to take care of the studio, the lights and the general […]

Two Sexy Housewives Dolls

I’d like to introduce you to two very sexy, very different housewives who seem to be very similar… Regina and Stephanie are two sex dolls who share nothing in common […]

The blonde and the redhead

I propose you to live one of your dreams, and if it is not one, it will be a very pleasant moment.Why is that? Because I’m going to present you […]

Tallest Sex Doll gets huge boobs

Oh my god!… Here’s a XXL sexdoll! The SUPER sexdoll with huge measurements! Everything is gigantic on this SY Doll sexdoll, everything, not almost everything… since we could have had […]

Sport at home

We’re not going to let ourselves go, are we? What do you think?So today we’re doing sports! We take a floor mat, the one we’ve neatly tucked away in our […]

Johana, Sexy HouseWife

I love the little bourgeoises, who stay at home and take care of their interiors. For many of them, they are very active, very involved in life and often do […]

The perfect blonde has big boobs

It’s one of my favorite sexdolls, I can’t hide it from you. I’m crazy about this great WM Dolls sexdoll: the 5ft8 173cm H Cup. Voted Best Big Breast Sexdoll […]

WM Dolls 166cm B cup with #336 head

Spicy, Very Sexy Student

I teach classes. I don’t know if I’ve already told you… I give photography classes at the university and sometimes I offer extra sessions for some students who want to […]

An evening at the ambassador’s house

I met last night with the ambassador of an Asian country. I can’t quote him, and you’ll understand why. An irresistible beauty I was invited to a somewhat social evening, […]

New Tall Sexdoll From WM Dolls

Sexdolls have grown a lot in the last few years, and it’s still a little bit the case with this new WM Dolls sexdoll of 5ft7 or 172cm. They are […]