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Category: 169cm

New Sexy Business Woman

Akisha is a brand new Irontech Doll 169cm / 5ft6 H Cup. She’s a businesswoman. It manages several million dollars and hundreds of employees. She is a very active woman and […]

Sex Dolls Lesbian Play

It’s not very common to have the chance to watch two dolls together make a big hug… Especially when it comes to 2 SiliDoll’s dolls. Sukiwaai (169cm) and Suriwaai (145cm) […]

Sukiwaai in Wonder Woman Cosplay

Wonder Woman is a sex symbol for a whole generation (Y). And the manufacturers understood that. I already showed you a sexy version of WM Dolls: Wonder Woman naked. Today […]

Sukiwaai is a sex Bomb

Sukiwaai is a sex bomb. It’s sure. If you’re not convinced about that, i suggest you to watch her video (New Sukiwaai videos). This baby has probably one of the […]

Sukiwaai New vids from James Nolan

James Nolan, AKA Jimmizdollz is a SiliDoll Sukiwaai SiliDoll Sukiwaai doll’s owner. He wrote an excellent review, took pics and vids and released all on TDF. I compiled all his […]

Sukiwaai in black

I’m crazy about Sukiwaai from Sili Doll. This 5’5 doll is not too heavy for its great height. She has a good-sized chest, and a good ass well bulging. And the […]

Sukiwaai is a serious schoolgirl

Sukiwaai is fantastic. She’s so sweet and so serious. She loves her studies. But now she is a woman, and she is full of desire. Sukiwaai is made with the World`s Softest […]

New Sukiwaai videos

Sukiwaai is beautiful. She’s the most recent doll from Sili Doll. This doll, like the other, is made with the World`s Softest Premium Korean TPE. And you can check it in the […]