Small Boobs Young Hitchhiker

The first time i showed you this Super thin body from WM Dolls, you didn’t like it very much. But over time, many of you sent me good comments and liked this WM Dolls 168cm/5ft6 A cup. I myself am rather attracted by dolls with large breasts, I was not a fan right away.

Well you will see that with this new series, many of you may change your mind!…. This #160 face (seen with the WM Dolls 160cm/5ft2 B Cup Small Tits lovers) combined with her body forms a great duo, and the quality of this photoshoot makes her really desirable.

We really want to stop for this young hitchhiker of 22 years and discover with her the pleasures of sensual caresses….

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New 6Ye 168cm/5ft6 J Cup

The NEW 6Ye 168cm/5ft6 J Cup with #N40 Head is beautiful…

This first series of photos is really amazing. the body details are beautiful and you will, I think, really appreciate it with this #N40 head, her green eyes and short blond wig.

Her measurements are very well chosen and remain natural. The weight remains correct for a doll of this height.

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All Skin And Bones (UPDATED)


Super thin body from WM Dolls.

I think it’s there is no other dolls with this shape. For those who don’t like the fat and curvy dolls (i love), this is the best model: WM 168cm A cup – here with the #122 head

UPDATE: This is not the #122 head, but the #162 head

I already posted some pics of her: My mistress is waiting and the black skin tone called Nava Artistic photos fo WM Dolls 168cm with #64 head (all posts about Nava)

The cool part is the weight: 61.8lbs (28kg)… same as the  New WM Doll 157cm B cup with #159 head

  • Full Bust: 69cm – 27.2 inch
  • Under Bust: 58cm – 22.8 inch
  • Waist: 53cm – 20.8 inch
  • Hips: 71cm – 28 inch
  • Weight: 28kg – 61.8 lbs.

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WM 168cm head 70 nude


The WM Dolls 5ft6 / 168cm  body is very natural wit her E Cup size. This is a new pics series with same head and body: WM 168cm E Cup with head #70 and She’s simply beautiful (i love this last one)

This WM Dolls body is a success with her perfect natural measurements: Full Bust: 91cm / 35.8 inch – Waist: 60cm / 23.6 inch – Hips: 90cm / 35.4 inch.

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WM 168cm E cup with #53 head photo


This is the #53 asian head with the “sublime” E Cup 5’6 body (She’s simply beautiful).

This is not a new head, but a perfect combination with this tall and curvy body!

For those who want a tall model, with natural shape (not huge boobies 😉 ), she’s one the best choices. The weight is not to high.

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My mistress is waiting


My mistress is alone in her hotel room. She’s waiting for me. She chooses a sexy outfit, because she knows I love it.

My mistress is a WM Dolls 168cm A cup doll with #149 head

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WM 168cm E Cup with head #70


I love this denim shorts with the laces on the sides. The short blond hair wig with the #70 head (first pics of this head on RDA) is great too for this medium E Cup body.

This is a very sexy pics series of this WM Dolls 168cm / 5ft6 model.

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