Naked with just a wrap-over top

She’s just wearing a wrap-over top….

It’s always very complicated to find sexy clothes for her beautiful, especially when she has huge breasts like the WM Dolls 167cm / 5ft 5 inches N Cup (here with #205 head)
So why not choose simplicity?

These wrap-over skirt are fully stretchable and allow you to cover this generous chest while offering an attractive cleavage.

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New #210 head for Huge Boobs doll

Huge boobs, large hips, white wig, deep blue eyes and glasses… This WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 is a sex bomb (Huge Boobs Red-Haired Doll)

This #210 head is really beautiful. Its fine lines, its well drawn mouth and its fine, perfectly proportioned nose give it class and elegance.

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Huge boobs Elf with deep blue eyes

Probably one of the sexiest photo series of the beginning of the year!!!!

The WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 with Elf’s Head #154(First time on RDA Blog) is shown with a leather lace and neck collar… She’s wearing a totally transparent black bodysuit!…

I love her!

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Huge Boobs Red-Haired Doll

The WM Dolls 167cm/5ft5 N Cup is one of my favorite dolls.

She has a beautiful body with a great chest, very slightly lower than my Olga (O Cup – Olga in videos…). Its well rounded buttock and its hips really make you want to…

This superb series of photos shows her with a red-haired wig and beautiful deep blue eyes.

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New WM Dolls N Cup pics… naked

I knew that you’re waiting to see the all new WM Dolls 167cm N Cup totally nude, to see her huge boobs…

This is the same configuration with #15 Head, grey wig and green eyes like the previous post

And i found a new vid about this huge breasts baby just for YOU!!

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New WM Dolls 167cm body with #15 head

167cm with #15 head17

This is the all new body from WM Dolls…. and after the 170cm M cup, they decided to offer us a bigger breast: N Cup!

In this post, you can see this doll completely naked and enjoy her big breasts! I added the new pics gallery with grey wig and green eyes baby…

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Big comparison by Jonn: “My opinion of 140cm TPE vs 167cm silicone”



Jonn is a dolls fan and a senior member of TDF. He shared his opinion between two best sellers: the WM DOLLS 140cm and the DS DOLL 167cm. You could see their dolls in the gallery below.

Thanks to Jonn for this excellent review!

I have some experience now with both a WM 140cm doll from mid to late 2015 (made of TPE) and a DS 167cm doll from early 2016 (made of silicone). I want to share my opinion of each of these, to help people trying to decide what doll they want to buy.

I’ve had the WM 140cm TPE doll for about 6 months.

I’ve had the DS 167cm silicone doll for about 6 weeks.

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