Lost Young Woman

She’s mysterious. Is she a junkie, a lost woman or simply a young woman lost in this difficult world…

I don’t have the answer and I don’t think she does either. But no matter, she is there, she is very beautiful with her bright blue eyes, her short black hair and her little mouth well made up.

What I’m sure of is that she’s a WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4 B Cup with #185 head

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NEW WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4 with #53 head

Third set for the NEW WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4 with #53 head.. I love this face shown in WM 168cm E cup with #53 head photo.

And I think it’s a perfect combination for those who love young Asian women between the ages of 25 and 30. The photos are very realistic and give a really good idea of this small-breasted body, and full of details.

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WM Dolls 166cm with #168 head

The Light Doll

This brand new doll is bright. This totally new psychedelic series is awesome. She starts with a transparent shirt barely masking a SM set and a little thong. It ends up naked just lit by this LED strip…

The small breasts WM Dolls 166cm/5ft4 is combined with the #168 head, already shown with the WM Dolls Huge Boobs torso in: New WM Dolls Huge Boobs Torso

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NEW WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4

I want to introduce you the NEW WM Dolls 166cm/5ft4 B Cup

This is the first pics gallery with the #85 head. This small breast body is lightweight and with a very tight waist (56cm – 22in). The price is the same as the WM Dolls 165cm doll .

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