Huge boobs for Sex Doll

She’s a Sex Bomb…. She’s a Sex Doll. She’s made for Sex!

She’s a 6Ye Premium 165cm/5ft5 N Cup with Tan Body and N27 Head.  And then I realize that I didn’t make you take advantage of her enough since she only appears on RDA for the second time.

This lustful beauty with a massive body full of curves is a sexual dream. It is entirely dedicated to sexual pleasures. Her breasts, hips and ass are just for that. She’s not just sensual… Damn, she’s hot!

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YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #186 head

This is the third post with the  the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with #186 head after Big Ass for Black Bimbo  and Naked with a boa scarf, and I remain amazed by the possibilities offered by these dolls to always be very different.

With a few different wigs, a little make-up and a special atmosphere, your doll can become what you want when you expect it.

So I invite you to see it with this new series of very erotic, even very romantic photos of the YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 D Cup with brown eyes and blond wig… Continue reading

The Hot CowGirl Kally

Kally  is an YL Doll 165cm/5ft5 with #118 head. She’s CowGirl. She roams the Southern Plains alone on her mare.

But today she wants a man, a real one!
And for that, she’ll do anything… to seduce him and drive him crazy.

This is the second time you can see this combo, and strangely enough I find them very different.
It’s possible that it’s the processing of the photos that gives me that impression…?

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Doll4Ever 165cm Olivia pics

Olivia is a good girl… Olivia is a Doll4Ever 165cm/5ft5 I cup.

She’s a woman greedy for sex. It is even rather reserved. But if you serve him a little glass, it’s likely that the atmosphere will warm up a bit.

It may show you the details of its anatomy…

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Elsa is a young Lady

Elsa is a young Lady, and She’s used to staying at home waiting for her companion.

But now she can’t take it anymore. She needs to escape, experience adventures and encounter passion and longing.

She has decided to start writing erotic novels, and is regularly transported to coutries where her world seems so cramped.

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DOLL4Ever 165cm

The Doll4Ever 165cm Big Breast Doll is not well known, but she’s an attractive model with a nice natural shape. I don’t read some review  of this doll, and i can’t give you some advice about her.

This is the first time fir her on the RDA Blog, and i have some other pics series you can discover in a few days.

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The evil beauty of the warrior

Once upon a time there was a young elven warrior, an YL DOll 165cm/5ft5 with the #34 head,  who sought to meet her destiny. One day while wandering in her old world, she found a secret place haunted by a demon of war.

She didn’t immediately understand what was going to happen to her.

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