Cecelia, American MILF

Cecelia is a 37-year-old Californian. She lives in the sun, does sports and maintains her body every day. She’s a Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft3 H Cup.

She is married, but her man works a lot (at least that’s what he says) and she finds herself at home, abandoned and without love.

She doesn’t want to work and prefers to spend her days walking, shopping and seeing her friends….. and friends. Yes, because Cecelia has many lovers and she knows how to excite them.

You want to know?

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Sexy DIY Girl Of Your Dreams

Anna is a self-made person. She has worked hard all her life to develop her business.

And Anna is not a fragile model you put on a podium. Anna is a handyman. Her thing is to build wooden houses.

But she remains a beautiful woman, who gives many ideas to her colleagues. When she is on the construction site, all men have difficulty working and concentrating. She makes them all turn their heads.

This pretty Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft3  H Cup is so sexy. So when the workers think of her, they dream of her more like in the pictures below…

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Biggest Boobs For Sportswoman Selenia

Selenia is a true sportswoman. She is very careful with her body, and it is visible. This is not the first sportswoman I’ve shown you, but she may be the one with the biggest breasts!
This beauty, you are getting to know it well, since this is the 3rd post I propose you with the Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft3 Plus H cup. 

Frankly, I really like this natural and almost perfect body in terms of measurements. And then, seeing the beautiful girl in full exercise, black eyes and a short haircut, it makes me feel good…

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Doria Is My Big Tits Slave

And she loves it! Yes, Doria is my sex slave. Not because I chose it, but because she decided it. It’s her fantasy. And how do you expect me to resist her wishes?

During this photo session, she wanted to show what she has most exciting. She is so beautiful with her perfect measurements. She has the perfect body of the Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft3 H cup, with what a man or a woman generally likes when it comes to getting closer to reality… admitting that it exists this reality?

She is blonde with blue eyes, a well defined chest and thin hips….. Can you imagine what happened next?

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Big Tits For Soccer Fan Jane

Jane is a football fan like there are few in the world. You had already seen the girl with a smaller tits: After Party With Xiu or Cecelia Massage Video

But now, this gorgeous, bustling blue-eyed brunette will drive you crazy. If you see him in the stadium, you will also support his team, because his persuasive power is enormous…. like her BIIIG Boobs

Jane is an Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft3 Plus H Cup and you can see her on video.

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After Party With Xiu

A nice evening on a Roof Top… we had a great time and danced well. I met Xiu, a beautiful young woman from Hong Kong, who had just arrived here.

She speaks very good English and knows our evening habits very well… she’s a real American. When I told her I was taking artistic photos, she immediately hung up.

And she came to my house for the After Party. She didn’t have changed her clothes… but she was quickly ok to undress and let me enjoy her shapes.

The evening went on well after the session. This was a night with an Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft4 D Cup.

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Cecelia Massage Video

It is a brand new body model, the Irontech Doll 163cm 5ft4, with rather light measurements, a small D Cup breast and not too wide hips (94cm – 37 inches) and for its size, the beautiful has a very reasonable weight that does not exceed 80lbs (79lbs – 36Kg).

As this young woman, Cecelia, doesn’t like the cold, she decided to go to Bermuda and spend a few days relaxing. How about a little video massage ?

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Three Little Piggies

You know the story of the “3 little pigs”, well, I’ll introduce you to the 3 little piggies….

They are all 3 very naughty, with different outfits and always very sexy: White or black fishnet stockings, high heels and costume jewellery.

These 3 SM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 D cup are ready to be chewed just for your pleasure.

So what are you waiting for to blow under their skirts and throw yourself at them?

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Big Boobs Takes Care Of My Car

I like old American cars and especially the old Ford Truck of the 60s and 70s. But the problem is that I don’t have much time to maintain them. So I had to find a good little garage not too expensive to take care of it.
I had already shown you some pictures of this very special garage: Hot Renov With Huge Boobs

Well, a new mechanic has arrived, a WM Doll 163cm/5ft4 H Cup with #179 head.  And she’s very sexy. She likes the sensual curves of my truck. Its rounded shapes make it look very attractive.

She wanted to buy it from me and for that, she tried everything…..

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Video of Asian Doll In Lingerie

I love lingerie. I much prefer that to a naked woman.

This young Asian girl, a WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C cup, understood that she was more attractive, even irresistible, with a well-chosen outfit.

She chose to put a little black nuisette over a matching thong. Her face #85 is so sweet and charming, but she is no less hot.

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