Small Boobs Hidden By A Bustier

The WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C Cup has a very natural body.

With this face #233, she becomes a sublime young woman very bewitching. The face lines #233 are really well treated and that gives her an angel face that works perfectly with that long brown hair and her black eyes.

She wears a white bustier, a choker necklace and open crotch tights. I don’t understand why she has those horrible shoes that ruin her look. I would have preferred sexy high heels.

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Let Me Show You My Small Tits

A coverall, a pair of glasses, a salt and pepper hair with the face #230, and here is a new series of photos of the WM Dolls 163cm – 5ft4 C Cup that should please you.

I really like her very naughty look and her high heels.

I especially like it when she opens little by little her complete coverall to make us discover the details of her body…. And above all she will show you everything in her new video.

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Big Boobs Bikini Style

Yeah, she’s got big boobs… and a big butt!

The WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 H Cup is the star of the dolls in 2018. And she knows it.

She’s gorgeous with this #184 face and her green eyes. She put on her yellow leopard bikini with her long blonde hair.

She’s waiting for us on her bed. It’s a small series of photos, but don’t miss it!!!!!

I invite you to visit the collection of WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 H Cup from my partner SRSD

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Melancholic Moods Of A Young Woman – Video

I love those melancholic moods of a quiet young woman – the WM Dolls 163cm 5ft4 C Cup with Head #45 – in her garden. She cultivates well-being and gentleness. With her floral dress, her hood and her shoes from another time, she is simple and from a good family.

She is not provocative and does not know love. She is just twenty years old and has never met the man who would capsize her.

She waits for someone to name the one who will share her life. And yet she dreams, she imagines this beautiful muscular brown who would carry her in her bed and make her know ecstasy.

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Fat Ass In A Tight Outfit

We no longer present the star of the web: the WM Dolls 163cm H Cup – 5ft4.

She had its moment of glory and she’s less presented today, given the current production of new model. Well I think I will make you regret his absence when you see the following series of photos.

You can see her with the beautiful face #127, a big black wig and beautiful eyes…

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Biggest Ass Sex Doll – pics and video

Yesss this is the BIGGESST ASS for a doll in the WORLD!…. 142cm or 56 inches for this new SY DOLL 163cm 5ft4 G Cup

I have never seen that anywhere.

The measurements of this doll are crazy. She has a beautiful chest but not oversized, huge hips and an ass like you’ve never seen on a doll. Its weight is enormous since it reaches 70kg – 154lbs. So it’s only for strong, highly motivated guys.

Unless you put it in your bed or on a couch and it rarely moves. You can also choose the wheelchair solution, if the beauty manages to slip in.

In any case, it is a real fantasy on foot for those who like well coated bodies. I don’t think you’ll find anything better than that.

Notice to buyers, send me photos and videos, and your comments, I really want to know what you think.

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Video of Asian Student Takes A Break

This is the next post after Small Chest Chinese Is Sexy and Small Breast Adventuress In The Garden about the WM Dolls 163cm / 5ft4 C Cup, here with the #229 head.

Once again we remain in the Asian style. This time she has short brown hair. She’s a young female student, on a break before studying. She’s outside with a little top and jean shorts. She keeps her little red sneakers on.

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