Your New Assistant

The WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 B cup is really classy.
And even more this time, the combo with #235 face is excellent. A combination that I have already introduced to you and that really works well: Small Breast WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 with #235 head

This young woman in her twenties could be your new assistant with her little skirt and this little top that leaves her navel in the air.

Her fine lingerie which one discovers gradually hardly hides a small breast and a pretty small ass. With her blue eyes and black hair, she looks provocative and rebellious…

Everything you love, when you want a woman of character!

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Wonderful Face

What a beautiful head!… I love this #234 head. You’ve already seen it in: Small Boobs In LingerieSimply Nude or NEW WM Dolls 162cm B cup with the same  WM Dolls 162cm B Cup body.

But I don’t know, I think it’s really sublimated in this new series of photos. I think that with long hair and especially green eyes, this face really has a particular expression.

This series of photos also shows the magnificent details of this new body

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New WM Dolls Head #239

I’ll be honest with you. I hesitated to offer you this series of photos and these two videos of the WM 162cm – 5ft3 B Cup with new Head #239.

I don’t think that’s very successful. But if you ignore that horrible wig… that new #239 face is really pretty.
And for those who love small-breasted dolls, it’s really a great set – eyes included. This WM Dolls is a bit heavy but the details are very correct.

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Small Breast WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 with #235 head

A new post about the WM Dolls – 5ft3 Small boobs B Cup… But this is the first time for this new #235 head. And I think the combo works perfectly.

This slightly Asian face, a little lengthened with its black eyes, its well drawn eyebrows and its small lips is really very successful accompanied by a long black wig

She appears soft and provocative at the same time. She is expected to hold you in her arms and hold you between her thighs…

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Small Boobs In Lingerie

Second time for this combo, WM Dolls 162cm with #234 head after the Simply Nude pics series… And she’s not naked.

She chose to show off with a beautiful lingerie and a beautiful blonde wig “New Empire” style. She has a small chest but a huge desire to be fucked. She caresses and strips gently throughout the photo session.

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Simply Nude

I’m gonna be honest with you. This WM Dolls 162cm / 5ft3 B cup new doll with #234 head is not my favorite doll. I’m a big-breasted, fleshy man, and that’s a long way from it…. But I must recognize the quality and care taken to the details of this body.

This series of nude photos will surely convince, which loves this kind of natural and simple beauty.

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NEW WM Dolls 162cm B cup

This is the new WM Dolls 162cm/5ft3 B Cup, here with #234 head.

I don’t really know what to say about this new doll. She has a nice natural body with this small rounded ass for a very thin body, and a small chest. But I find the weight a little excessive for the height.

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