C Cup For The WM Dolls 162cm 5ft3

And here is a new series of the very discreet WM Dolls 162 cm 5ft3 C cup. everyone knows the WM Dolls 162cm 5ft3 B Cup well (Take Me From Behind), but this one is not very present.

I don’t have a partner who offers it for sale! To see if this will change, and if I can help you for those who would like to buy it.

The bodies are identical except of course the breast with this additional cup.

I really like this very classy and sexy series with the #85 head with a grey outfit and high heels.

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NEW PIPER DOLL 162cm 5ft3 F Cup

Jenna is a brand new 162cm 5ft3 F Cup doll from Piper Doll. It is a medium sized doll with a natural measurement. She has a beautiful chest and rather large hips.

She’s close to the 160 model: Piper 160cm Plus Risako, but with the measurements of the 150cm: Little Doll For Huge Fantasy… that I love. I would have liked one or two extra cup sizes though.

Piper Doll made a little video and I put all the pics of her.

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New Huge Boobs Dolls Danielle

This is a brand-new Exclusive HUGE BOOBS Doll from Passion Dolls called Danielle.

She has the same figure and Huge butt as Krissy (Big 38″ Bubble Butt Doll Krissy Type F), but with HUGGEE Boobs (BUST 106cm – 41.7in).  I think this is an O Cup Breast Size.

She has a rather thin waist which makes her chest even more impressive. This doll really has all the qualities, knowing that she can benefit from the advanced skeleton and the option “Standing feet”.

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Take Me From Behind

Do you have any doubts about what she wants?
She’s past 30. She has had many different experiences. She’s a WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 B Cup

She is classy, from a good family but she wants to have fun or rather to be burst. She wants to get ass-fucked.

It’ll be the first time for her, so we’ll have to go slow, safe and not too hard. But she will soon like it and then it will be much hotter.

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Sexy Asian Housewife

Yes She’s sexy.

I know I said this before, but I find this body very sexy. I don’t know why being more attracted to women with big breasts.

She’s shy, reserved, submissive to her man. She is from a large family and raised in tradition. You can feel she’s a little frustrated… She wants madness, passion, hot sex. She wants to be taken like a beautiful…

Give her a little spanking and you’ll make her blush with pleasure.

This is not the first time for #235 head, you can see it on: with the same body Small Breast WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 with #235 head, Your New Assistant or with the WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup  Good Big Thighs

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WM 162CM B Cup H 236

It’s really hot this summer, and to cool off, nothing like a good iced drink.
And she understood that. She?…, She’s a WM Doll 162cm B Cup with  #236 head.

She has an Asian face, but with that haircut, you could mistake her for an American Indian.
She’s beautiful. She is very naughty with her tongue out and her honey eyes.

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NEW WM Dolls 162cm C cup

I’m sorry, I made a mistake… I already posted an article on the WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 C Cup thinking it was the B Cup: New WM Dolls Head #239

It must be said that the difference is not enormous…

I asked the manufacturer for the differences and I got this answer: “This body almost same as our 162cm B cup body , just breast is C cup .
So for those who love small breasts, but not too small… here is their pure happiness…

Just below you can see some pics about the WM Dolls 162cm / 5ft3 C cup with the new  #227 head.

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