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Category: 162cm

Japanese Sex Doll Kumiko

Kumiko is a Japanese half-breed. She has the traits of the Asian face, and her body is more European. She has a pretty tanned skin and a beautiful pair of […]

Naked With Perky Boobs

Here is the continuation of the series of photos on this curious sexdoll, Amor Doll 5ft4 162cm G Cup I’m not a fan of this sexdoll, but it still has […]

Beautiful Whore To The House

I invited a beautiful little whore to the house. And yes, I am like that, I like to be in good company. And sometimes, we don’t hold back and we […]

Open Mouth For Amor SexDoll

Designed for sex between her tits and for fucking from behind with her well placed pussy (and it’s not that common)… This is an interesting promise. The Amor Doll 162cm […]

Classic Asian Sex Doll

I already told you, but it’s the outfit I prefer…. High heels, mini skirt, small top very low-cut, and naughty look. This sex doll, a WM 162cm 5ft3 C Cup […]

Simply Naked At The Window

She’s beautiful, she’s blonde, she’s a dreamer. She likes to sit quietly on the window sill enjoying the sun and its rays that warm her body. She likes to feel […]

Amor Reina

Reina is an Amor Doll, exquisite label of 6YE, 162cm 5ft4 B Cup. Her tanned skin, green eyes and blond hair give her all the characteristics of a lolita. She […]

NEW PIPER DOLL 162cm 5ft3 F Cup

Jenna is a brand new 162cm 5ft3 F Cup doll from Piper Doll. It is a medium sized doll with a natural measurement. She has a beautiful chest and rather […]

New Huge Boobs Dolls Danielle

This is a brand-new Exclusive HUGE BOOBS Doll from Passion Dolls called Danielle. She has the same figure and Huge butt as Krissy (Big 38″ Bubble Butt Doll Krissy Type […]

Take Me From Behind

Do you have any doubts about what she wants? She’s past 30. She has had many different experiences. She’s a WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 B Cup She is classy, […]

Sexy Asian Housewife

Yes She’s sexy. I know I said this before, but I find this body very sexy. I don’t know why being more attracted to women with big breasts. She’s shy, […]

WM 162CM B Cup H 236

It’s really hot this summer, and to cool off, nothing like a good iced drink. And she understood that. She?…, She’s a WM Doll 162cm B Cup with  #236 head. […]

NEW WM Dolls 162cm C cup

I’m sorry, I made a mistake… I already posted an article on the WM Dolls 162cm – 5ft3 C Cup thinking it was the B Cup: New WM Dolls Head #239 […]

Fatal Beauty

What a sexy outfit! She’s a slave, she’s a sex slave. She’s beautiful and she knows she’s in control! She is a WM Dolls 162 cm / 5ft3 B cup […]