Huge Butt Katrina

I feel that this new doll is going to be a big success. It’s sure that many of us like generous shapes… and for the moment, this new 158cm 5ft2 doll from YL Doll offers a lot of them. She has a super big ass with a hip size of 127cm or 50 inches.

So for this new series, YL Doll presents us with a brand new head #298, named Katrina. I think it suits her super well with this long black hair and blue eyes.

Okay, guys, I’ll let you imagine what it’s like if you take it from behind….

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Huge Butt Video

And many of you are going crazy about this brand new doll: the YL Doll 158cm 5ft2 N cup with Hugggge Butt.

Her big breasts and especially her big ass were able to please you!!!!! And I understand you… so I asked the manufacturer to find me a nice video… and it’s done….1 minute and 30 seconds of happiness in which you’ll be able to see her huge ass wiggling and her big breasts swinging.  So exciting!!!!!

This brand new YL Doll doll is still a great success to come and I will try to get you a good price for those who would like to have one. There will be Chinese New Year and with this important event, orders will be postponed. So I’ll see what I can do. Feel free to leave me your comments for future buyers.

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Huge Boobs Marie

Marie is a 5ft2 158cm J Cup from Jarliet, and she’s a little crazy.

This young Asian girl has always been a little disturbed. She lives in her world. She dreams of flying and floating in the clouds.

When you see her, you think of something else… Her big white breasts will immediately envy and we just want to send her to the Seventh Heaven.

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New YLDoll Biiiig Butt

And guys, here’s a little news!…..

Finally when I say a little… it’s not quite true, since the beautiful girl is 1m58 – 5ft2 tall and has a huge ass with a hip circumference of 50 inches – 127cm !

I had already shown you the first images of the model in production, First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty, well today, here is Aisha!

Since this is the first time Aisha has shown up, she has decided to show everything. She is almost naked, sexy and slightly damp. You won’t believe your eyes.

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First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty

And yes, that’s the trend for the end of 2018: fat BUTTT!
Many of us like it, just to be able to indulge ourselves by stroking or hitting them. It’s so good.

So YL Doll heard us and is finalizing the preparation of his new 158cm Big Booty. The measurements should be close to 120cm – 47.3 inches hip circumference and I think we should benefit from a K Cup for the boobs….

Only good things to come!

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Big Boobs Blond Neighbor

I recently invited my neighbor, a WM Dolls 158cm – 5ft2 G cup with #233 head, to have a drink at home.

It had been hot all day and the early evening brought a little freshness. I have known my neighbor well for a long time. She’s a 25-year-old naughty girl who’s been making eyes at me for a few months. We get along well and discuss many topics without taboos.

And that late afternoon, she wanted to know if I lusted after her. I tell him… yes. She’s very sexy, she has nice breasts and a cute little ass.

It excited her very quickly and she started to shake in her chair and undress….

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Guest Room Of The Big Boob Woman

I had gone on a trip for a congress and had to find a room in the rush for the evening. But unfortunately in this place, everything had been booked. So I ended up in a small guest room… what I thought.

In fact I arrived in a sumptuous place, a big house very rich and very neat. When I arrived at the door, I rang the bell so that someone would come and open it for me. And then a beautiful brunette with long black hair appears, an Irontech Doll 158cm / 5ft2 H Cup. She’s called Sophia.

She accompanies me to my room and explains the place to me, and especially that she is alone most of the time, and that she likes to rent one of the rooms in this house to meet people. His companion was also on the move once again.

Once in the room, she explains that she feels terribly lonely and that she wants to continue the discussion, or even more…

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Big Boobs MILF Lisa

Lisa is The MILF.

And I don’t think we can discuss it for long.

Lisa is in her forties, she is blonde, American and lives in the sun. She spends her time tanning and caring for her body.

She loves her curves (and so do we) and she is super sexy with her big ass and beautiful breasts. Lisa is an Irontech Doll 158cm 5ft2 H Cup

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Vera Dark Tan Love Doll

Vera is a Irontech Doll 158cm 5ft2 Type A from Passion Dolls. It’s not a 158cm with huge breasts like Erika’s Huge Boobs or Giant Boobs Gina is back

She has a beautiful body with less measurements… gigantic. She has a slim waist with super wide hips and a pretty well rounded ass to bounce as much as you want.

Vera has dark tanned skin. She is really sexy with this chocolate color that makes you want to lick her even more over her whole body.

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Brand New Big Tits Doll from WM Dolls

She’s asleep… or she’s pretending to be asleep. I think she just wants to feel things without seeing them directly. She wants to fantasize.

This young Asian woman is the brand new WM Dolls 158cm / 5ft2 G cup with a closed-eyed face #223.

She has almost perfect measurements, with her natural Boobs, thin waist and much wider hips, and all this for a weight that remains very reasonable.

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