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Category: 156cm

Orange Bikini For Sexy Pink Lady

Hey, guys, get ready to be charmed…. And when I say “guys”, I also mean you ladies who love women…. This new sexdoll will excite your retina. A new 5ft1 […]

WM Dolls 156cm with #234 head

My Huge Boobs Nurse

Well, did you know that being a photographer can be dangerous? An adventurous photo shoot During one of my last photo sessions, I decided to be a little adventurous and […]

The Busty Secretary

For my work, I often need to prepare trips, manage administrative tasks, do accounting… and this disturbs me in my creation. So I decided to find an assistant to help […]

Sex With PAWG Sexdoll Doris

Doris is a Irontech Doll 5ft1 156cm H Cup with a Big Phat ASS. This body is beginning to be very successful. I see it both on the blog and […]

Big Phat Ass Jane

You like big asses, I know that. I even think I should do a post with the 5 sexdolls with the biggest asses… would you like that? Well you will […]

Take That Big Butt

Yasss, It’s a HUGGE Butt, guys!.. You know him well. I have posted many versions of this model with many different faces. It’s a new series of pictures where you […]

Big Butt Waiting For Coach

She is still there this WM Dolls 156cm / 5ft1 B Cup  with small breasts and very wide hips. She always attracts us with her suggestive positions. Her natural body […]

The Sexy Red Line

She’s very sexy. And red is her color. Yeah, she likes red. Everything is red at home from floor to ceiling. The WM Dolls 156cm – 5ft1 B Cup is […]

Good Big Thighs

Fat Butt lovers, This is where it all starts: WM Dolls 156cm 5ft1 B Cup You know her well since she often appears on the blog: What time is it?… […]

WM DOLLS 156cm C Cup with head #45

We didn’t see much of her on the blog: Keep covered, use condoms The WM Dolls 156cm / 5ft1 C Cup makes a discreet career. She’s pretty good, though. She does […]

WM Dolls 156cm B cup with #142 head

What time is it?…

What did you expect?  I just wanted to show you his new watch. Uh, maybe not just. You have to admit that presented like that, you really want to look […]

She loves her fat body

WM Dolls 156/5ft1 B cup is very close in terms of height and cup of breast  with the WM Dolls 157cm/5ft2 B cup but not for measurements!!!…. This doll is […]

WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head

WM Dolls 156cm B cup in Red Dress

Super sexy and tight-fitting red dress,  muscular body, wide buttocks and small nipples…. The WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head is a blondie with blue eyes… She’s not […]