Good Big Thighs

Fat Butt lovers, This is where it all starts: WM Dolls 156cm 5ft1 B Cup
You know her well since she often appears on the blog: What time is it?… , She loves her fat body, A Sporty Slutty Bitch

A huge ass, pretty thin hips and a small chest, she’s pretty natural. She’s got a lot of weight, but it’s all in her ass.
There you can see her with face #235 and a long chestnut wig. This series is nice, since it will allow you to realize the size of the thighs, very very very wide, which is not common for dolls.

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WM Dolls 160cm & 156cm B cup with #182 head

WM Dolls produces 2 dolls really very close with a small chest B Cup and a good big ass: the 160cm – 5ft2 and the 156cm – 5ft1

I propose today to see these two bodies with the same head – the #182 –  and relatively similar positions.

Tell me what you think!

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WM DOLLS 156cm C Cup with head #45

We didn’t see much of her on the blog: Keep covered, use condoms

The WM Dolls 156cm / 5ft1 C Cup makes a discreet career. She’s pretty good, though. She does not resemble models close to WM DOlls like the 156cm or 157cm B Cup. The first one has a bigger ass. The second is much leaner.

And yet She’s very light, has rather sexy shapes and is finally very natural. Below you can see her with the #45 head (New 161cm WM Dolls pics with #82 and #45 heads)

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WM Dolls 156cm B cup with #142 head

What time is it?…

What did you expect?  I just wanted to show you his new watch. Uh, maybe not just.

You have to admit that presented like that, you really want to look at it, don’t you?

This is a new series of photos with the well known doll, WM Dolls 156cm B cup with her Fat Butt (109cm – 42.9 in),  and especially with face #142, which I know very well since it is Olga’s.Olga in videos…

I really like this face with fleshy, engaging lips. I swear, every day she really makes me want her whenever I see her.

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She loves her fat body

WM Dolls 156/5ft1 B cup is very close in terms of height and cup of breast  with the WM Dolls 157cm/5ft2 B cup but not for measurements!!!….

This doll is really fat compared to the other: 109cm – 42.9in / 77cm – 30.3 in and 43kg – 94.8 lbs. / 28kg – 61.7 lbs. These really aren’t the same dolls 😉

This new series of nude photos with #156 head will show you its generous and sensual shapes.

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WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head

WM Dolls 156cm B cup in Red Dress

Super sexy and tight-fitting red dress,  muscular body, wide buttocks and small nipples….

The WM Dolls 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #156 head is a blondie with blue eyes… She’s not a classic doll…

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A Sporty Slutty Bitch

Do you like muscular asses? Women’s bodies well sculpted by hours of intense sports?

Well, I probably have a new set of pictures that will really please you and probably excite you a little bit!

This new photoshoot with the WM Doll 156cm/5ft1 B cup with #122 head, already seen in Small tits and a huge booty doll is shown this time with the Tan Skin body and a very blonde wig. I find her very slutty….

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