Sexy Session With Chloe

Chloe is a DollHouse168 155 cm 5ft1 F Cup with #67 head.

Chloe is a young model just starting out in the business. She needs to learn and have different experiences. Her pretty green eyes and long, almost red hair give her the look of a frightened princess.

But she is sporty, dynamic and modern. Her body reflects her image, with her small, well-formed breasts, thin hips and long legs.

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2 Facets Of Super Sexy Nikki

I have already shown you the new Fit Series from Doll For Ever with the 155cm model. As a reminder, this series includes 3 models with the 135cm and 145cm.
Today, you will meet Nikki… and you will not regret it.

Nikki is a Doll4Ever New 155cm Fit Series. She’s a beautiful, gorgeous young woman with a damned body. She offers us not one session, but 2 photo galleries that you will love.

The first one is ultra sexy with a small golden shorts, white wool stockings and a small pink top…… the second is rather in business woman fashion very liberated…

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Naughty Misa Shows Her Big Butt

Misa is a brand-new DollHouse 168 155cm 5ft1 C Cup with #68 head

Misa is clearly a slut. She loves sex. She’ll do anything to make love and get caught, especially from behind. She loves sodomy… she loves her ass.

This beauty is always naked with some accessories, like a leather suspender belt….. With her glasses and her slutty look, you won’t last long.

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Honoka is another variation of the new DollHouse168 series for the 155cm model: DollHouse168 155cm F Cup C Cup with #64 head. I presented it to you recently in the previous post: News From DollHouse 168 and Christie

This Asian babe that looks so soft and fragile is a real beauty with her white lingerie. Her body is very well done and the measurements are magnificent. The body benefits from all new products – nails, wigs, skeletons of the brand’s new series.

You know I like big breasts, so I’m looking forward to the L Cup version.

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News From DollHouse 168 and Christie

DollHouse 168 brings some changes (Nail color, Vagina, Wig and Skin tone) and innovations to its range of dolls and presents us these new series 135cm – 4ft4, 145cm – 4ft75 and 155cm – 5ft1 for 2019.

After 6 months of meticulous preparation, we’re thrilled to present you the new DollHouse168 2019 series.

The idea of creating this new series originated from the feedback we got from our loyal customers, they were really into our previous Japanese style, requested us to design some more animated dolls, this will also become the main theme of our future design.

Some faces offered for the smaller dolls are not legal, so you won’t see them here. On the other hand, you will see the new Christie, a magnificent 155cm 5ft1 F Cup C Cup with the #65 head.

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NEW Doll4Ever Fit Series… the 155cm

Yes Guys This the new Doll-ForEver Fit Body Series 155cm 5ft1with Big Breast (F Cup).

The new Fit body is new 3D design body, it is more close to real people’s body, and all the heads you see are made by 3D. There are 3 sizes: 135cm, 145cm and this one 155cm.

These models are much thinner at the waist and below the chest. On the other hand, her hips are slightly wider. This gives her an extra cup size and gives her more shapes.

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Do You Like My Butt?

You’d like her to ask you that question. And in this case, I have no doubt about the answer. Yes she has a good ass, and a nice small tits…
This pretty brunette is an YL Doll 155Cm / 5ft1 D Cup with face #41.

Strangely, this is the first time I’ve shown you this face #41… in photos and video.

I tried to search but I didn’t find it on previous photo series. This rather Asian face works well with this body, and I find that the whole is rather harmonious.

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Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is a fruit, an apple, that we like to crunch. This is also the case with this YL DOLL 155cm / 5ft1 D Cup

You will see her with face #221, a slightly Asian face, a small mouth, and black almond eyes.

The Pink Lady likes pink. And everything about her is pink. She dresses in pink, finally she wears only a small top and a beautiful panties.

She also loves video…

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Sabrina is a mannequin, a Doll4Ever 155cm 5ft1 E Cup. She always wanted to be. It’s a real calling.

But she also likes to strip and show off her breasts. And that’s why she always offers a little more to her photographer.

Today Sabrina offers us an OFF session and she did not shave her pussy. She shows herself naturally in two very sexy and very different outfits.

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Small Well Rounded Ass

We have always talked about the YL Doll 155cm – 5ft1 D cup for her neat body, her small well shaped breasts and her long legs.

This very natural shaped doll also has a good little butt.

And this video will convince you if you have any doubts. I accompanied it with photos so that you can take your time…

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