Emery, Beautiful Slim Waist Barbie Doll

I have always loved this JY Doll 153cm 5ft. I don’t really know why… well, if maybe. She has large breasts and a very thin waist. I must be nostalgic for the WM Dolls 155cm:The 155cm with sexy garter belt

So I’ve already written a lot of posts about it and offered you a lot of pictures and videos: She’s my prisonerEmma, Jenny, Sandy, Monica, Malina and Myclla…JY Doll 153cm Tan Body

She comes to you in light, transparent clothes and in two atmospheres… one by day and one by night, to liven up your fantasies a little more.

This doll is not the most expensive, but I don’t have any feedback from customers to know the quality or flaws.

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Elf from JY Doll


This is the time of Elves. After Wm Dolls and their #172 head and the Z OneDoll 130cm with the new A51 HeadZ OneDoll 130cm with the new A51 Head,  JY Doll offers us a sexy new Elf face.

This head is presented with the JY Doll 153cm big boobs body…

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Sexy Twins in the mirror


She’s alone. She’s sexy. She wants to touch her body…She feels so hot and so naughty.

But what can she do alone in this hotel’s room.

The JY Doll 153cm with #119 head is fantastic. She’s like a beautiful actress with her blue eyes, curly hair and golden necklace.

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Asian Doll body type


The 153cm (5′) doll body is a good height. Remember the wonderful 153cm from JY Doll with her big rounded boobs: JY Doll 153cm body

This small boobs body from WM Dolls is not new, but I find it very adapted to the style of Asian women. And i decided to write this post with  3 versions of this 5 feet body and therefore with 3 different faces of Asian type: #88, #85 and #173

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She’s my prisoner


You already saw the post with Emma, Jenny, Sandy, Monica, Malina and Myclla… All these girls share the same body AKA JY DOLL 153cm/5ft.

Today i want to present you my new prisoner.. I do what I want of her and it’s very exciting… I love her bouncy tits… and I like to take it from behind by holding it well by the hips…

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Emma, Jenny, Sandy, Monica, Malina and Myclla…


They are not from my harem. But if God could one day give me this little help, I would be grateful to him forever.

Emma, Jenny, Sandy, Monica, Malina and Myclla are quite different. But they share the same body, the JY Doll 153cm / 5ft with big boobs (34.6 in) and tight waist (161.1 in).

Discover this 5 versions,  with new pics and vids…

Have fun!

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JY Doll 153cm Tan Body


I already showed you this new 153cm body from JY Doll. But this time, you can see a new pics series and… a new vid with the Tan Skin Tone version… She’s so sexy!!!

i love her bouncy tits, her light weight and very tight waist, and you?

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