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Category: 151cm

Z-OneDoll 151cm/158cm Vids

I received a request from #Jacob on the post Punish me… about the Z-OneDoll 151cm and 158cm dolls: Do you have any videos of the 151cm or 158cm Z-one? I’m […]

New Z OneDoll head A52

This is the second new black african face from Z-OneDoll after the New Z OneDoll black head A50. This head is available for the 151cm/ big boobs body, with the chocolate […]

Z-onedoll 151cm “Sophia” by @Sate

@Sate is a moderator of TDF. He’s a big dolls fan and  you can learn many things on Dolls with his comments, reviews, pics… He offered various photo sets of […]

New Z OneDoll black head A50

Check this new black head with the 151cm Huge Tits Silicone body from Z OneDoll the skin tone is very… black for this new head and body. The measurement are the […]

Photo shoot in the garden

Green eyes, big boobs, tight waist and white monokini… Why not take pictures in the garden? This beautiful Z One Doll 151cm with #A46 head tried to seduce me… but […]

Punish me…

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO…. i don’t want to punish you.. You’re so beautiful my darling! You’re perfect: High heels, big boobs, leather corset and naughty garter belt… What else could I ask […]

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