Elven Queen Danann

Danann is an Elven Queen. But we must not repeat it. This could be dangerous for you.

Yes, because Danann has a lot of power. She’s already bewitched Chris and it could very well happen to you.

Her gestures, her body, her huge boobs, everything in her has a power that can make you slave.

This queen has long been a bewitched woman, and when she opens her tunic, it’s already too late.

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New photos of Danann De’ Tuatha

The last series of pictures Chris sent me was in June (Danann, The Warrior Princess) , and I admit I was starting to miss Danann.

This beautiful blonde with Huge breasts is Chris’s princess, but she is also his pleasure toy. And she loves to disguise herself to seduce and excite him every time a little more.

Chris gives us once again a new gift, and I would even say three this time, since you will be able to admire her as princess of a lost harem, as a dirty nurse and in simple Cosplay dress.

I say no more….

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Danann, The Warrior Princess

Did you know Danann is a Warrior Princess?

She has nothing to envy Xena. But I’m not sure her power, she only gets it with her sword. For me, she has a strong power of persuasion. She’s an enchantress!

And Chris tells me every time. He can’t take his eyes out of her body. She bewitches him. She draws him between her breasts and then between her thighs, and he can do nothing more!

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Danann, High Heels and Small Bikini

Now you know our Danann well (well Christopher’s): Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

I love her, she’s really too beautiful. And since Chris decided to show us more and more, she’s been irresistible: The Bra Size of Danann de’ tuatha.
Today, He also proposes us this new series of photos for those who would not be convinced.

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The Bra Size of Danann de’ tuatha

@Chris is a great doll fan. And he is very attentive with Danann, an YL Doll 150cm O Cup with the Shael head, that he covers with gifts and outfits always sexier.

You’ve already seen her in: Danann wishes you a merry christmas, New pics of Danann and Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

Today he needs you!

Still having the same old problem of finding her clothes and lingerie, and if anyone knows exactly what size bra she wears i would like to know.

I’m wanting to get her a shelf bra and crotchless g-string ensemble.

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Back To The Sexy Fifties

Do you know this SM DOll 150cm/4ft9 L Cup, here with the  head 56?

For me, it was a discovery… and rather nice when you see the super big boobs of the lady!
I find her very stylish and typical 50’s style with her swimsuit, her very red lipstick, her blonde wig and her white fishnet stockings. This lightweight doll also has, and above all, a tolupe size!

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Little Doll For Huge Fantasy

What a beautiful and excellent doll!!

She has a lot of advantages: She’s light (29.3kg / 64.6 lbs), she has a nice chest, a slender waist and a nice butt.

This Piper Doll 150cm/4ft11 F cup, manufactured by Doll4Ever, is  perfect.

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