Huge Boobs Sophia is back

I’ve already introduced you to Sophia: Sophia is the huge boobs lady of Michael
But I can’t resist again sharing with you the new photos of Michael he kindly sent me.

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Sophia is the huge boobs lady of Michael


Michael is one of the German followers of RDA and decided to buy the same doll as me, that is to say the YL DOLL 150cm: My new Huge Boobs Olga is here
He contacted me so that he could share his new conquest with us and offer you to start this new year as well as possible some of his best shots. I love it!!
I can’t wait for the following…

After a long journey and a little bit delayed my huge boob doll came at Wednesday 27.12. As she came out of the box she ist exceeding all my expectations.
She is so marvelous and her boobs so soft in touch and the behaviour so natural. The feeling and handling is beyond any words.
I called her Sophia.
She ist a little bit heavier than specified ca.38kg, and I think her breasts will weight 10kg.

I have ordered her by SexySexDoll.

Nach einer langen Reise kam mein Babe mit den riesigen Brüsten (YL 150 OCup)  am  Mittwoch den 27.12. ein wenig verspätet zu Hause an.
Als ich sie auspackte hat sie meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen.
Sie ist wunderbar, Ihre Brüste sind so weich und natürlich, einfach fantastisch. Für mich die Puppe mit den schönsten großen Brüsten aller Hersteller. Der Umgang mit Ihr läßt sich mit Worten kaum beschreiben.
Ich nenne sie Sophia.
Sie ist ein wenig schwerer als vom Hersteller angegeben ca. 38kg , wobei allein Ihre Brüste sicherlich 10kg wiegen.


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Danann wishes you a merry christmas

teen virgin killer sweater (7)

Do you remember Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people? She wants to wish a merry christmas and Happy holiday.

Danann is an huge boobs YL Doll 150cm bought by Chris, a very nice dolls fan (Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris)

He bought some Christmas clothes for her and….

WOW these dolls are really hard to shop for almost everything is too big for them even small clothing and let’s not forget the busts which makes it even harder

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New pics of Danann

who told her about nightclubs (1)

Christopher loves his new YL Doll huge boobs 150cm/4ft9 . He called her Danann, as I already mentioned in the previous post: Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

He sent me some new pics of  his new muse…..

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6Ye 150cm D Cup with #19 Head


The 6Ye 150cm/4ft11 D cup is a SexySexDoll Exclusive Doll. This is a lightweight tan body with great shape, blond wig and green eyes. I don’t have some vid yet (If you have one, I’m interested).



  • Bust: 77cm – 30.3in
  • Under-bust: 56cm – 22.05in
  • Waist: 52cm – 20.47in
  • Hips: 74cm – 29.1in
  • Weight: 26.8kg – 59.1lbs

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Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

elf queen harem bikini1 (1)

Chris presents you Danann de Tuatha, “Goddess of the people”, an YL Doll 150cm (like my OLGA) with the Shael face. I want to thank him to share his pics and info with us.

Received my doll finally and named her danann de tuatha which is Gaelic meaning goddess of the people, and i must say while she is extraordinary beautiful she also a extraordinary pain in the ass all the cleaning and baby powdering and fixing her makeup monthly. i do have to ask some say use baby oil on the tpe body while others say don’t what do you reccommend?

If you want to help Chris, please comment just below!

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NEW WM Doll 150cm with #77 head


This the all new WM Doll 150cm/ 4ft11″ B Cup with the #77 head.

This #77 head is not new. You saw her with the little 118cm body: WM Dolls 118cm with #77 head new photoWM DOLLS 118cm with #77 head and New 118cm body with #77 head from WM DOLLS!… i have to change the title of one of these posts 😉

This new body is better for this head. All specifications are:

  • Breast: 64cm  25.2 inch
  • Waist: 45cm  17.7 inch
  • Hips: 72.5cm  28.5 inch
  • Weight: 23kg  50.7lbs.

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