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Category: 150cm / 4ft9 to 159cm / 5ft2

The Dark Side Of Saloons

Deep in the American West, stories of cowboys, cattle rustlers and farm raiders have always been told. But very little has been told of the stories of these women, who […]

Small Boobs SexDolls For Fans

HR Doll has created two models of 158cm or 5 feet and 18 inches. These two models have their respective little successes, and I confess here that I have shown […]

A sex doll supporter of Argentina

In the beautiful country of Argentina, people are often seasoned supporters of their national football team. And understandably so, as year after year this wonderful team has won titles and […]

DracoWolf’s Huge Boobs Sex Dolls

Chris aka Dracowolf is a fan of the first sex dolls and I consider him a friend. Since 2017, he very kindly shared with us his passion for his sex […]

Yukina, a beautiful little bitch.

Yeah, she’s a beautiful little slut… And she loves it when you use those words for her. She’s a real sex doll, who loves sex! And that’s what we’re asking […]

When it comes to sex, protect yourself!

It is the message of this sublime sexdoll that is responsible. We must not forget with everything that happens to continue to protect ourselves in our sexual relations, to avoid […]

Huge Boobs MILF tests Her New Bikini

It’s always very complicated when you have a sexdoll with huge tits. And this is the case of this HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup.You fell in love with this […]

Brand-new Foxy From Passion Dolls

Foxy is a brand new sexdoll proposed by my partner PassionDolls.Com… and for those who love naturalness, you’ll have to choose another sexdoll!Yes, because Foxy is a fake sexdoll. She […]

Big Boobs and Puffy Nipples

I know you like big tits and when WM Dolls offers a new sexdoll, you love it! So here’s a new sexdoll with big tits and good big nipples… Have […]

6YE 159cm-J-Cup-Silicone-Head-Amor-H-Hermina-7-1.jpg

Two Busty Asian Girls

I knew you’d like this title, and what I’m about to show you will… 6Ye is a manufacturer of rather realistic sexdolls.Their sex dolls tend to be very close to […]

A pretty Asian girl for the evening

It’s so nice to always have a little snack before dinner. Some people call it an aperitif… You’re probably wondering what I’m referring to? Well it’s about this AF Doll […]

WM Dolls support our troops

We must support our troops who fight every day for our land, for our freedom, for our values. On this weekend of remembrance, it’s even more important. And Sex Dolls […]

The 5 videos of the Sex Doll Sarah

Sarah is an Irontech Sex Doll, which measures 5ft2 159cm. This is not the first time that I show you this model that really deserves attention.Sarah is a beautiful young […]