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Category: 150cm / 4ft9 to 159cm / 5ft2

6YE 159cm-J-Cup-Silicone-Head-Amor-H-Hermina-7-1.jpg

Two Busty Asian Girls

I knew you’d like this title, and what I’m about to show you will… 6Ye is a manufacturer of rather realistic sexdolls.Their sex dolls tend to be very close to […]

A pretty Asian girl for the evening

It’s so nice to always have a little snack before dinner. Some people call it an aperitif… You’re probably wondering what I’m referring to? Well it’s about this AF Doll […]

WM Dolls support our troops

We must support our troops who fight every day for our land, for our freedom, for our values. On this weekend of remembrance, it’s even more important. And Sex Dolls […]

The 5 videos of the Sex Doll Sarah

Sarah is an Irontech Sex Doll, which measures 5ft2 159cm. This is not the first time that I show you this model that really deserves attention.Sarah is a beautiful young […]

Kiko, a Sex Doll Cyborg with a Sword

For those of you who like futuristic movies, you’ve already recognized who Kiko’s sister is… And in this famous movie, you know which warrior fights the bad guys to help […]

The little pussy’s claws come out

IrontechDoll likes small pussies and beautiful tigresses. The last time they got them out of one of their cages, she scratched our whole body and we loved it.What? You don’t […]

Magical Elfes

I’m a big fan of elves and other mysterious beings that can be found in great legends, mythical books and other fantasy films. Elves have a special place in my […]

Take Penny’s Fat Ass

Penny’s got a big butt, a good big butt just the way we like it. Penny is a very nice, very pretty young American girl. She likes food and sex, […]

Work at home

When you can’t go out, you have to find something to do. So doing some work around the house is a great idea. First, because it keeps you busy and […]

A craving for big tits

When you see this AF Dolls sexdoll, you can only want big tits! But this AF Dolls also hides some muscles and, despite its small height, it is quite heavy. […]

Lesbian Action, a Doll Crazy movie…

Careful, I don’t think you’re ready to see what Doll Crazy is offering us again. Already the first post was a great moment of pleasure for many of you, and […]

A very generous Sexdoll

That’s really what I like about the Sexdolls, is that you can choose exactly what you like. I know this speech may shock some people, but that’s okay, I’ll take […]

SEDOLL Sex Robot

The New Sexbot From SEDoll

Are we entering a new era? I’ve been following the arrival of sex robots for several years now. It’s obvious that this is going to be a revolution for many […]

Huge boobs for the little sexdoll

SM Doll created one of my favorite sexdolls in 2018 and I still find it at the top. It’s normal, that I’m telling you this because she looks like my […]