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Category: 146cm

Stéphanie Beautiful Huge Boobs

It’s true that she’s beautiful. I love her big breasts. I love her fat ass. I don’t like her weight so much… but what a good one…. Once lying down, […]

Aisha, Oriental Huge Butt BBW

Aisha is a beautiful oriental girl, an YL Doll 146cm 4ft9 BBW She’s not very tall but she’s ultra sexy. She’s a BBW with a big fat ass and huge […]

Huge Butt Stéphanie Is Back

Stéphanie is a little woman , not a midget like 80 Pics of Tan Skin Tone Hugest Ass Torso This 4ft8  – 146cm doll is not new and you have […]

Hot Renov With Huge Boobs

It’s the big fad of old car retrofit or vehicle customization emissions. And Larissa, a beautiful YL Doll 146cm – 4ft8 BBW with #129 head, understood that she could make […]

The Black Dress of BBW Cheynae

Cheynae is a young woman all in curves. Cheynae is an YL DOLL 146cm / 4ft8 BBW She just moved in. She looks beautiful in her black dress. She is […]

BBW Shows It All In Videos

Today you will enjoy!!! I prepared this little post with the new YL Doll 146cm / 4ft8 BBW in combat gear, very girly, with 2 videos. You will be able […]

Video Of Huge Boobs Housewife Sonya

Sonya is a new YL Doll 146cm – 4ft9 BBWnew YL Doll 146cm – 4ft9 BBW. Sonya is an housewife. She has long dyed hair, brown eyes and a beautiful […]

New YL Doll BBW Pics and Vid

YL Doll decided to create a Brand New BBW doll:  the 146cm – 4ft8 And what a result!!! It’s huge!. A HUGE BOOBS of madness, a MONSTER BUTT (one of […]

Bella, Mulan and Venus…

Bella, Mulan and Venus are three Doll4Ever 146cm/4ft9″ C-Cup Sex Doll. But they don’t come from the same planet. They are all 3 beautiful with a small body of dream, […]